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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Post poking fun at two-faced Chinese social media influencers elicits plenty of comments

A POST designed to highlight the apparent tactics employed by Chinese social media influencers to attract eyeballs has sparked a flurry of comments.

The post on SCM GAG’s Facebook page seemingly showed two sides of these social media influencers – one where a young lady is quite scantily clad with the caption stating “this is how the Chinese dress when visiting government departments” while another showing the same model more modestly covered.

The caption for the latter picture pointedly stated that this was the image they portrayed when creating content to attract Malay customers.

The original post sparked many comments. Some agreeing with the poster while many others did not.

One highlighted the seemingly fashionable thing for non-Muslim influencers to fast during Ramadan, insinuating it is merely a marketing ploy.

Some simply pointed out that both versions were highly capable of attracting Malay eyeballs.

Some pointed out that this was just targeted marketing.

One took the opportunity to say this has nothing to do with the inherent inefficiency of government departments while another rebutted by saying a modicum of courtesy was required when visiting certain places.

Another commentator quipped that the post was in itself was a clever ploy to gain male eyeballs on the Facebook page.

The post was also shared on Malaysia Education Info (and Homeschooling too) Facebook page which also sparked a lively conversation with the admin claiming the original post was ‘3R’ clickbait.

To which a few netizens chided the admin for making a mountain out of a molehill by claiming this was ‘3R’ in nature.

However, one netizen cheekily remarked that if indeed such scantily clad ladies were regularly visiting government departments, he would happily park himself in front of one to while the hours away.

A few did point out that the original post was on a site where “everyone also kena”, meaning all races are fair game.

One just blamed the weather.

One netizen, however, seem to hit the nail on the head with this succinct observation – “a matter that unite Malaysian men”. 

- Focus Malaysia

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