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Friday, August 27, 2010

DAP upholds Tee’s sacking, did not discuss Ronnie

PETALING JAYA (Malaysian Insider) - The DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) has upheld the decision of the party’s disciplinary committee to sack Tee Boon Hock for issuing a support letter for his son’s business.

“The disciplinary committee’s decision was fair and proper,” DAP national chairman Karpal Singh told reporters after the meeting on Thursday night.

Tee, a former Klang Municipal Councillor, was expelled from the party last month for signing a business support letter in favour of his son’s company to obtain contracts from the local government.

“All the mitigating factors were considered by the disciplinary committee and there were none for the CEC to consider,” said the Bukit Gelugor MP.

He added that under the party’s constitution the CEC is the final body of appeal and Tee had exhausted all his avenues.

Did not discuss Ronnie

Karpal also pointed out that contrary to speculation, the CEC did not discuss the fate of Tee’s former boss Ronnie Liu.

He said Liu was already severely reprimanded for his part in the support letter fiasco and did not appeal against the decision.

Karpal said the CEC did not have powers to enhance the sentence and penalty against the Liu.

“Liu accepted his punishment and the constitution is very clear,” said the veteran lawyer.

There was widespread speculation that tonight’s CEC meeting was being held to discusses the fate of the Selangor Executive Councillor and Pandamaran assemblyman.

However, Karpal said the matter did not arise during the CEC meeting.

Instead, he said the CEC discussed and fully endorsed the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Leadership Council meeting earlier today that Umno and Utusan Malaysia are dangerously fanning racial sentiments to pit Muslims against non-Muslims.

Karpal said this was to distract attention from the real issues of corruption and financial wrongdoings.

He added that Umno and Utusan Malaysia has resorted to lies and falsehoods to threaten “a big war” that’s bigger than the May 13, 1969 racial riots as well as using issues of race, religion and even the King against PR.


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