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Saturday, August 28, 2010

'Umno wants to kill off Taib’

A desperate Umno is aiming to “kill off’ Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and assume power of the vast state. Unable to stomach further humiliation following the Sarawak BN’s loss in Sibu in May, Umno, according to PAS, is aiming its daggers at Taib.

Said PAS information chief Idris Ahmad: “Umno is putting pressure on Taib... it is the same pressure Umno put when it was aiming to oust (former prime ministers) (Dr) Mahathir ((Mohamad) and later Pak Llah (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi). This was when both were blamed for BN’s losses in 1999 and 2008.”

According to Idris, Umno is “desperately wanting” to take over Sarawak from Taib , who is also the president of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB).

He said this “desperation” was because Umno in the peninsula had lost its clout and a large chunk of its Malay supporters.

"PAS sees the fall of Taib as the beginning of the dissolution of PBB, the way Usno disappeared after Umno stepped into Sabah.

“Umno has now nowhere to go and needs a crutch… it’s aiming to turn Sarawak into its latest destination, especially since BN still has the support of people there, which will allow it space to breathe and recover.”

He said PAS was aware of the opinion other BN component parties had of Umno.

“Our advice to component BN parties is for each one of them to think real hard about how relevant they are to the raykat and Umno, which is now looking to be the ‘Maharajah in BN'”

courtesy of FMT

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