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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Misreading Mahathir, big mistake – Sakmongkol AK47

Reading the comments on my article, misplaced pride, I am discomforted at the thought of many people missing the central point. Instead it has invited all round criticisms against Dr Mahathir. Hello Umno leaders – wake up, the bell tolls for you.

The central point in this very short article is to tell Umno leadership of the flashing amber lights. For them, that is. If they are not careful, the leadership will fall.

Dr Mahathir isn’t speaking as a lone voice. His voice strikes a common chord among the majority of Malays. As much I would like to argue from a liberalist point of view, I can’t ignore the voices that echo what Dr Mahathir speaks of. Never mind if the present predicament in which many Malays find themselves in at the moment is an outcome of Dr Mahathir’s own policies, as I have said before, he has a reservoir of goodwill that he has built up over the years. He hasn’t exhausted his reservoir yet.

And I am talking about the Malayness quotient that’s in him. He may have compromised his original ultra-ness over the years, but he is till regarded as the doyen of Malay nationalism.

I am saying, those leaders supportive of Najib’s vision to better start something more substantial to win over the Malay allegiance. Your elegant silence, either brought about by your disinterestedness and detachment or plain ignorance of the Najib thinking, will result in your political demise – all of you.

What will happen is, there will be a realignment of the forces within Umno – the majority will go along the thinking of Dr Mahathir while the few, lethargic in thoughts and deeds, will side with Najib. This is not a battle that Najib can win. Because the majority of Umno members as well as fence-sitter Malays will go for the simpler and raw thinking of Mahathir.

At 84, Mahathir can still play king maker. Even an aged lion can still scare away the hyenas. – sakmongkol.blogspot.com

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