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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, August 27, 2010

Malaysia's 53rd birthday scarred

J. D. Lovrenciear

As the countdown to our Independence Day celebrations draws ever nearer, politicians need to be reminded and perhaps reprimanded: This nation does not belong to politicians or their political parties. But Malaysia belongs to God, King and citizens.

It is shocking that so many ministers and even supremo ex-leaders are spewing so much of race and religion based arguments and counter-arguments that only pits Malaysians against Malaysians.

One also wonders why does the Home Minister not arrest all these ex-statesmen and political big-wigs who keep promoting race based and religion-inclined division of the rakyat. Stop the empty warnings. Get the action going Sir!

It is going to be a very gloomy 53rd birthday for Malaysia for despite all those noble and virtuous values enshrined and echoed in 1957 we are all clamouring to take sides along race and religion based arguments that are constantly being spewed by politicians these days.

What is Merdeka if we are not in it together not as Malays, Chinese, Indians and others but as one people, one nation?

What is Merdeka if after 53 years we cannot trust each other to lead and work for the common good of all citizens, King and country?

What is Merdeka if we continue to argue that one race and one religion is preferred over others even if it means setting man against man?

What is Merdeka if we cannot protect King and Citizen against the corrupt power wielding politicians?

Is Merdeka just that show-piece parade and great sounding speeches and a blast of multiple riffles?

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