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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Namewee cans video, but dares Puteri Umno to debate

Controversial artiste Wee Meng Chee (aka Namewee) has withdrawn his controversial new video that ruffled feathers this week, and is challenging his critic Puteri chief Rosnah Rashid Shirlin to an open debate.

namewee name wee 1malaysia film 160310“I like to find out from her, why is she attacking the victim (the Malaysian public) when the real perpetrators of this very issue have yet to be punished?” said Wee (left) in a press statement on his blog today.

“If the chief thinks that I have no respect and sense of responsibility for my own country, please accept my invitation to have an open public debate on this issue.

“Help us Malaysians define, how to become a good patriotic citizen of Malaysia; educate us please,” he said.

Wee is keen to defend himself in the public arena as he says, “Many accusations have been made upon me since 2007 … nobody seems to be defending for me in the political arena.

“My name has been used on many incidents by politicians over the years. This time I am not going to let empty accusations with no basis being laid upon me again.

“I am only an individual with no political agenda or motives, who wishes to voice out his opinion against racism in this country,” he said.

'Video defends 1Malaysia'

Wee claims his motives for his latest satiric video criticising the recently reported 'racist' headmaster was a condemnation of racism, in defence of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's 1Malaysia.

“Over the past few weeks, servants of the government under the education system have committed certain acts which disrupted the racial sentiments in the country, and like many of my fellow Malaysians, I felt saddened and at times angered by these black sheep who do not respect that Malaysia is a multi-racial country with freedom of religion,” he said.

“This video was about defending the constitution of the country because just like me, most Malaysians want nothing but peace and racial harmony,” he said.

He added that he believed that the education system had taught him to “have an open mind so that some day I can in turn, contribute my intellectual thoughts back to my beloved country”.

Therefore he justified his use of obscene language “blatantly as a form of communication”, pointing out that it did not mean he was “uneducated”.

“Vulgarity of content was chosen only with the objective of bringing forward my point of view … with more impact.

"Therefore, I believe it is more critical to highlight the subject matter instead of focusing on the choice of words."

Zero tolerance

Wee was strongly critical of “a small group of politicians representing the government” who has accused him of “causing racial tension” when all he purports to be doing is enforcing the PM's 'Zero tolerance over racist remarks'.

namewee negarakuku police bukit perdana 230908 01“Based on the report I have read by Utusan Malaysia, I am truly saddened and in disbelief that I am now being accused of causing racial tension … when all I was doing in my own way, was to defend the true constitution of the country and condemn those who do not respect our Prime Minister (Najib's) hard work of building a 1Malaysia country.”

Wee says he has pulled the video off Youtube in respect of the PM, and since he has already made his point, “which is to STOP RACISM in this country.”

Wee first hit notoriety at the age of 25 with a six-minute homemade rap video parodying the national anthem in 2007.

The video called 'Negarakuku' had caused a furore with its lyrics that touched on police abuse of power, corruption, racial discrimination and other matters.

He stepped on toes again in 2008 with his music video 'Teacher Hew's Time'.

courtesy of Malaysiakini

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