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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am Chinese but I want to be known as MALAYSIAN!

Philip Yong

So, the day has arrived. The day we’ve all been patiently waiting for. Yes it is finally here! This was the day all Malaysians regardless of race stood up together to shout ‘MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA!’ from the bottom of their hearts. Even just by imagining the atmosphere at that moment, I can feel the joy. But today, I no longer have that feeling.

Tomorrow (31st August 2010) is our country’s 53rd National Day. Wow, we’ve got our independence for 53 years already, how amazing can that be? But you know what? I don’t feel a thing. I don’t feel proud to be a Malaysian at all. Well, if you’ve been catching up with the tabloids lately, you would know what I mean. 53 years is not very long but still a substantial number. Why are we the citizens of Malaysia not united? Our National Day is tomorrow but there are still people out there fighting and screaming ridiculously accusing others of demeaning their race. Why after 53 years we still can’t be united? Why do we have to fill in forms asking for our race? Why isn’t there an option for ‘Malaysian’ in those forms? Yes I am Chinese but I want to be known as a Malaysian, is that wrong?

Independence? Even now I am writing this in fear of being caught by the officials for inciting hate or perhaps sedition. I’ve read about so many people being caught for speaking against the government. Well, is that wrong? Don’t we the rakyat, have the right to speak? I believe we are supposed to be a democratic country. But it seems to me that I don’t get to decide what I want for myself and my country. It seems like we’re being dictated. Well, I think I better not go on further as I do not want to celebrate our National Day in the cell.
I want change. I do not care who or which party is in charge of the government. All I want is change. I am sick and tired of everything negative going on. I think if today I meet a foreigner, I will be reluctant to address myself as a Malaysian because of all the bad press that have been going on for quite some time. And I do not blame the foreigners for having such a negative image of our country. It is our leaders fault or so to speak. But as a Malaysian, I will not sit here quiet awaiting for a better tomorrow. I will stand up along with many other Malaysians who share my thoughts. Which I believe is in the thousands if not millions. We will fight for a better tomorrow, through over powerful voices. We’ve stayed quiet for far too long. 53 years, like I said is a substantial number.

I love Malaysia. I really do. That is why I am speaking up. I remember a couple of months ago, I attended the Badminton Thomas Cup quarter finals between Malaysia and Denmark. Everybody in the stadium was shouting and screaming in support of the Malaysian team. That is the real 1Malaysia we should advocate. It was one of the very few moments I felt so proud to be a Malaysian. Till today I still remember how everyone regardless of their race was so united and I honestly miss that moment.

So in simple word, my wish for this year’s Merdeka is for the nation to be united as one. I am sure we can and we will achieve that. Whichever coalition whether it is the Barisan National or Pakatan Rakyat, as long as they advocate that then you have my support as well as many other Malaysians support. Remember it is the rakyat that build the country and not the other way around.


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