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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Namewee's headmistress video: Umno now 'racializing' racism

Malaysia Chronicle

If Namewee of the homemade cyber-hit videoNegarakuku is frustrated by the worsening racism in the country, he can hardly be blamed. First, his latest video aimed at highlighting growing polarization was itself accused of containing “racial slurs” by several Umno leaders including Puteri chief Rosnah Shirlin. Next, Information minister Rais Yatim warned of stern action.

So upset by the doublespeak that Umno leaders are perceived to be famous for, the 27-year old Namewee, whose full name is Wee Meng Chee, has challenged Rosnah to a public debate. His video had satirized a headmistress recently caught for allegedly making racist comments against her non-Malay students.

Rosnah Shirlin
“Based on the report I have read by Utusan Malaysia, I am truly saddened and in disbelief that I am now being accused of causing racial tension when all I was doing in my own way, was to defend the true constitution of the country and condemn those who do not respect our Prime Minister Najib's hard work of building a 1Malaysia country,” Namewee wrote in an impassioned posting onhis blog.

“My name has been used on many incidents by politicians over the years. This time I am not going to let empty accusations with no basis in them being laid upon me again. I am only an individual with no political agenda or motives, who wishes to voice out his opinion against racism in this country.”

Classification of racism now up to Umno?

Namewee also said he has decided to pull the video off Youtube since he has already made his point “which is to stop racism in this country.”

He first hit notoriety at the age of 25 with a six-minute homemade rap video parodying the national anthem Negaraku in 2007. His lyrics, which touched on abuse of power, corruption and racial discrimination, sparked a furore and made him a household name. A year later, he again stepped on toes - this time with another video entitled 'Teacher Hew's Time'.

On Sunday, Bernama reported Rais as promising stern action against those who produced videos containing racial slurs. According to him, punishment could be effected under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 to prevent the abuse from becoming a habit.

Rais Yatim
"We should not regard this something ordinary. This is something most saddening. After all these years of independence, we should be more matured by now. What is the joy for us, for example, in belittling the national anthem or defacing the portrait of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or producing a video which tarnishes our dignity as one nation under the 1Malaysia concept?"Rais replied when asked if he would act against Namewee.

But conspicuously, Rais made no mention at all about the headmistress alleged to have made the seditious comments to her pupils, sparking skepticism for Najib’s promise that his government would be able practise zero-tolerance towards racism.

“Najib has his work cut out if at all he was sincere in the first place. 1Malaysia and zero-tolerance will never work unless he gets rid of his own Umno people like Rais, Rosnah and even deputy premier Muhyiddin. They are just playing the fool with Najib. When he announces zero-tolerance, they straightaway start to 'racialize' racism. Who is racist and who is not will now depend on their classification,” a political analyst told Malaysia Chronicle.

Namewee latest video on the recent racial spur at Kedah and Johor is as follows:


  1. Sepatutnya tindakan yang tegas dijatuhkan ke atas guru besar tersebut.

  2. Why aren't there any serious legal action taken against the headmistress? This is rather unfair!

  3. only by strict legal action will be able to clean government image and prevent the acts of racist in the future. therefore, don let the person who responsible in raising the issue of racism is released from the law.

  4. this issue must be solved properly and do not be misinterpret..

  5. Don't take action against the wrong party. Namewee might rude but he is not racist.

  6. Namewee might not express his opinions in the proper way, many don't like it including me.
    But his song never shown he is racist compare to the headmistress.

  7. No doubt what namewee said is true but the way he express it are too rough and i cannot accept.

  8. Oleh kerana tiada tindakan diambil, maka timbulah perkara seperti ini.

  9. We want the truth... Did the headmintress really make the racist statement? If she did, she needs to be judged!


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