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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I’ll step down – (if people don’t want me anymore)

Written by; Dr. john Brian Anthony


If Taib is an honourable person then he must keep his word without condition (if people don’t want me anymore). If he means that because he can win a state election leading BN, it means people still want him. That by itself is a subjective matter. Taib should know that he has robbed Sarawak and what he did is wrong. Sarawak people do not like a person with such values as their leader anymore. Taib need not wait for the election result, if he has enough honour in him, he should resign his Chief Minister post.

Election result

If Taib depend on the election result, then he is not an honourable person and his words should not be taken seriously. Why? The amount of money that Taib took through power abuse is enough to buy not only the poor rural voters but the greedy political party leaders as well. It is money that determine the result of an election most of the time. Taib’s money is “dirty”money stolen from Sarawak.

Taib has said “I want to resign” many times and aspiring leaders got into trouble after being accused of wanting to take the Chief Minister post away from Taib. Our consolation now is that Taib is not greater then god / tuhan / allah. If he cannot be a man of honour then he will never be honoured after his passing.

People will remember him as the “negative contributor” to Sarawak development. People will remember him as the most corrupt etc.

Taib is riding on the back of a tiger

Taib cannot get down from the back of the tiger. If he does the tiger will eat him. So maybe he choose to die while riding the tiger so when he falls from the tiger’s back he cannot feel the pain because he is already dead when the tiger eat him.

Why is Taib suffering from “guilty conscience” pain – the people of Sarawak would want him to answer what he did with our country money? It is not a good life when it has to end like Marcos or even Suharto. But that is the way Taib end will be unless he put right what he has done wrong.

No candidate to replace him as Chief Minister

It would be hard to replace Taib – maybe true because I cannot imagine anybody who is so mean and corrupt to steal the wealth of Sarawak from the very people who entrusted Sarawak for him to manage and look after. Taib act of looking “holy” but behave worst then a “devil” is a difficult act to follow. Actually, I do not want any body to follow such act at all. It is unacceptable and sinful. It is difficult to forgive as so many Sarawakian has been made poor because of Taib mismanagement of Sarawak development fund.

What experience required – none!

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, Tok Guru, etc , even Khir Toyo became Chief Minister / Mentri Besar without previous experience. Even the late Penghulu Tawie Seli did became the second Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Actually no body has to have Chief Minister experience before becoming a Chief Minister. It is a hollow excuse to say that no body can replace Taib. Are we suggesting that Taib is the one and only Chief Minster that sarawak will have even after he passed away? God forbid.


I am sure the BN politician are not even bothered with Taib statement knowing how much he wishes to stay on as Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Opposition could not be bothered at all – Opposition want to form the next government of Sarawak, with or without Taib around. Taib “resigning”" talk is nothing at all if only to make him more pleased with himself.

Change WE Must. We Must change the government to enable us to change the policies and also to put government money to proper use instead of going into current State leaders pocket. We need leaders with honour and not a person who squandered Sarawak money for his own.

courtesy of DayakBaru.com

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  1. I wish Taib will still go ahead with this coming state election such that all his misdeeds will be further exposed. Opposition will have greater chance of winning in this case.

    P/S: Looking for the day when this guy and the entire family to be charged in court and all ill-gotten gains to be returned to the ppl....


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