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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Namewee : The Nation's Excess Baggage

By: Ben Tan

By continuing to insult Malaysia, Malays, Islam and the government, it is obvious that Namewee does not love his own country.

Therefore, Namewee doesn’t deserve to be called a Malaysian and should not enjoy the rights of a Malaysian citizen, what more demanding the same rights as Bumiputra.

A disloyal citizen like Namewee can, at any time betrays the country and jeopardized our sovereignty. It’s not just that his videos and songs that are ‘harmful’ to the nation but Namewee himself at any time is able to post a threat to the national security in the form of treachery.

Namewee did not show any remorse nor regret for doing what he did. He takes the quick forgiveness, tolerance and the second chance given to him on the first incident, as a sign of weakness of the Malay-led government.

He has no respects whatsoever towards the Malay-led government but the government seemed to have missed it.

Namewee is no longer a teenager. He is now an adult and is very well aware of his doings or wrongdoings and its consequences.

He loves inciting hate towards the Malays and Malaysia. He enjoys the support he is getting from other racists, potential traitors or traitors of the country.

Obviously, Namewee is not a small, isolated case. Namewee is on FaceBook - having his own fan-club. Namewee is a stinking excess garbage, causing discomfort and uneasy feelings in the country. He should be stopped, immediately.

There is no ground for comparing Namewee and Puan Hajjah Siti Inshah, the Principal who was accused of making racist remarks towards the immigrants because unlike Namewee, there is no question about Puan Hajjah Siti’s loyalty and love for the country.

Puan Hajjah Siti is not a potential traitor. She is a law-abiding citizen with an excellent service record as a teacher.

Puan Hajjah Siti was not making fun of Buddhism like Namewee did towards Islam. What she did was merely asking the Chinese to go home, to where their hearts and souls belong, that is China - a suggestion that suits perfectly well for a Chinese like Namewee.

It is funny that Namewee or any Malaysian Chinese who hate Malaysia so much to find her suggestion as ‘hurtful’.

A person like Namewee is not capable of feeling hurt because his heart is overwhelmed with hatred. Namewee is a symbol of communists bloodlines still exist in Malaysia. They are brutal and cold-blooded - incapable of feeling sorry, remorse or regret when doing something wrong.

Namewee, like all the Malaysian Chinese who support him, are not fighting for equality or a ‘better’ Malaysia. They are merely fighting for a ‘different’ Malaysia, a Malaysia where the Chinese conquer it all.

If Namewee didn’t migrate voluntarily, then the government must take away his citizenship immediately or the country will be in danger, sooner or later. A ‘garbage’ not thrown out, could cause deadly diseases to be spread.

A stern action and a good unforgettable lesson should be imposed on Namewee now, before he causes an outbreak in the country.

Namewee can always go and find other countries where the Chinese can have their own school, practice their own language and culture without interference. I believe, the only country that they can totally do that, is China!

Another option is Taiwan, the country which he chose to further his studies. Chinese believers are said to be much more extreme in Taiwan as compared to China.

Namewee should listen to Puan Hajjah Inshah and go back to China or Taiwan. We really need to clean up our country from excess garbage like him. His smell has started to bother not only the Malays and other Bumiputras but also the Indians and the tolerant Malaysian Chinese.

Unrecyclable garbage like Namewee doesn’t belong in a well mannered, civilized society, in fact, he should be discarded - burnt or buried deep down under. Even Alam Flora doesn’t have the capability to handle garbage like him, but the police might be able to clean him up thoroughly.

courtesy of Malaysia Instinct

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