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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Because of NFA

By One Malaysia

Towards the end of August, a notification was sent as to alert the respective departments about the syndicate that just hoisted some cash in terms of the Money Changer robbery in KLIA in September 2011. No actions were taken at all from any of the departments that were alerted. The letter was sent to various departments; the immigration, SPRM, Kementerian Dalam Negeri, the Secretary General, Lembaga Getah Malaysia and DAP but none chose to respond to it. If only someone from the above-said departments had taken the initiative to investigate further, this whole episode could have been prevented.

The person who MASTERMINDED the whole thing (KUMARAN THANIMALAI I/C NO. ************) is now comfortably settled with his family overseas (Europe) under the dependent pass of his wife (who is attached to Lembaga Getah Malaysia) who is there to further her studies.

The ironic part is there was even a mention, with details, on the person who is now being hunted by the police. According to some reliable sources, the said person (Sritharan) is now either in Sarawak or in India. Just to re-establish the fact, Sritharan is the younger brother of Kumaran. And the interesting substance is, Kumaran left the country in the first week of September itself and this robbery happened within 3 weeks.

Kumaran and Sritharan share a close relationship with Tamilselvam A/L Sinnaiah IC No. ************ (who is behind bars as of now) and also with Mr. Vijay, MACC, Putrajaya (TEL NO: **********).This is the same Vijay who was caught by the Sepang Police for the investigation with regards to this KLIA robbery investigation.

Again, out of my highest concern to our precious Malaysia and her well-being as a loyal citizen, all details can be extracted out from Kumaran Thanimalai as he is the master-planner of this KLIA robbery incident. As he is on a dependent pass, it should be easier to bring him back for full questioning so that not only this robbery case is solved but other matters as said in the earlier letter.

Please take this matter seriously as this is the second time it is being sent. If only the first was treated with concern, this whole embarrassing episode could have been prevented.


To: zakariah@lgm.gov.my
Subject: FW: Mdec
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 22:44:05 +0800

To: kpi@imi.gov.my ; kaisan@imi.gov.my
Subject: FW: Mdec
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 22:43:01 +0800

To: shahrir@lgm.gov.my ; amzaimah@lgm.gov.my ; fauzi@lgm.gov.my ; suhawati@lgmn.gov.my
Subject: FW: Mdec
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 22:42:01 +0800

To: kpkpm@moe.gov.my ; hishammuddin@moha.gov.my
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 22:41:23 +0800

Y. A. B. Tan Sri Mohd. Sidek Hassan
Chief Secretary to the Government
Office of the Chief Secretary to the Government
Level 4, East Wing,
Perdana Putra Building,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Approximately 10 years ago, a Mr. Kumaran Thanimalai(herewith referred to as ‘the former’) bearer of the IC No. ******-**-****, utilized his Malaysian passport for the benefit of ‘exporting’ an illegal immigrant from India to Europe. This special operation is done smoothly through a network of syndicates specializing in transferring self-printed illegal Malaysian currency. Once the transfer is done, the former then quickly lodged a police report stating that his passport was lost/ stolen. In actual case, the said passport was alighted as having some legal issues in an foreign country.

Since then (till 2010), it has been a struggle for the former to obtain a new passport in spite of numerous attempts and struggles, not forgetting other means & methods too. Then, came a time last year, when an officer by the name of Mr, Vijay (MACC Head Office, mobile number **********) to provide ‘special assistance’ in obtaining a new passport for the former. This was accomplished by Mr. Vijay in using his ‘influence’ & ‘power’ and not to mention his ability in misusing the MACC power entrusted to him by our Malaysian government to liaise with the Kementerian Dalam Negeri department officers alongside with two immigration officers. An alliance was formed and after much negotiation, a new passport was processed & released in the name of the former with no hassle at all. The price for this is a special all-paid-for trip to Indonesia. This was arranged by Mr. Vijay and of course was handsomely & gratefully paid for by our Mr. Kumaran Thanimalai.

With such a convenient ally, the former started asking more ‘legal’ favours from Mr.Vijay which of course the latter obliged happily. Even a land scandal investigation that involves Mr.Sritharan (Mr. Kumaran’s brother) is terminated& closed by MACC, and of course by our wise Mr. Vijay from MACC Headquarters.

And of course, these favours are also extended by other personnel from the Malaysian Government agencies & offices too. Another worth mentioning incident being the significantly pending (for a few months) payment for a Proton Iswara car (WPJ ****) which is used by Mr. Kumaran Thanimalai but the HP loan is registered under his beloved wife, Mdm. K******** (bearer of IC No. ******-**-****) who works in a reputable position in LGM, Jln Ampang. One lump sum payment was settled using the illegal self-printed Malaysian currency which of course by then was already being circulated in the market to be legalized. To spice all these up, Mrs. Kumaran has been offered to pursue her studies in Europe by LGM and this opportunity is taken to the benefit of this couple to migrate to a well-known country in Europe in the pretense on studying abroad for 2 years. They have taken the necessary steps to leave the country as soon as possible (very soon indeed).

Another interesting turn of event here is, which adds icing to the cake…..The couple has conspired to use up the MDEC grant of value RM3.0 million which is to be offered to the ever-cunning Mr. Kumaran Thanimalai on his latest ‘achievement’ in obtaining the MSC status for his partnership company, Perfect Colour Sdn. Bhd. very recently. And of course, this was also achieved through the influence our very dear Mr. Vijay & not forgetting a few personnel from the higher authority in the Government bodies. This MDEC grant is to be utilized for the purpose of research & development in the particular IT field for the enhancement of IT in Malaysia but again, it will be misused. Another loss for the MDEC of Malaysia in terms of releasing grants to an undeserving citizen.

Please take the necessary actions to investigate this matter as all of the above issues involves not only immorally wrong but also involves a large amount of currency exchange which can be channeled for a better cause. This is supposed to be public serving personnel with good & conscious mind and money of the public to be used for the development of our nation.


Your Sincerely,

Citizen of Malaysia

cc –

Deputy Prime Minister's Office
Prime Minister's Department Level 4 West Wing Perdana Putra Building Federal Government Administrative Centre 62502 Putrajaya Malaysia

2. Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia
Blok D6, Kompleks D
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan
Peti Surat 6000
62007 Putrajaya, Malaysia

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  1. Dear Mohd. Kamal & RPK, you are humbly requested to do your due diligence on whoever sends you Letters to be put up on your blog prior to you publishing them. I am a Director and Shareholder of Perfect Colour Sdn Bhd and am appalled to see the afore-mentioned article published by your goodself implicating both the Director of the Company on a personal capacity as well as the Company as a whole. Perfect Colour Sdn Bhd, her Directors & Shareholders have made great sacrifices in Life to realise their dream project which is a Worl'd First innovation. MSC status to the Company was accorded based on pure merit contrary your published article. You have recklessly published the article causing irreversible damage to the reputation of all individuals within the Company and to the Company as whole. You are immediately urged to remove all deragatory, impinging and malicious comments pertaining to the Company & her staff failing which the Company would have no other alternative but to lodge a police report. We are well aware of who the originator of the Letter to your article "Because of NFA" is and he has, with malicious intention, dragged my Company into a totally non-related issue which forms the crux of your article. Certain pockets of the Malaysian society respects your daring, no-holds-barred approach towards your "apparent" voicing of irregularities and unfairness in the society but do humbly take note that blogging comes with its associated responsibilities. As a learned man, I am sure you are the 1st to understand this.


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