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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Malacca state portal reinstates opposition seats

The Malacca state government portal was amended today to include five missing state constituencies held by the opposition which were initially excluded from the updated version of its website.

The move comes after Malaysiakini yesterday highlighted that all state constituencies held by the Pakatan Rakyat in the state hadvanished from an updated version of the website.

A check on the website found that its drop-down menu for the parliamentary constituency of Bukit Katil for example, now rightly lists all four of its state constituencies.

NONEYesterday, only two out of four state seats within the Bukit Katil parliamentary constituency were listed, with DAP-held Bachang and Ayer Keroh being excluded.

However, while the constituencies have been reinstated, as of 2.30pm today, clicking on them yielded no results of its representatives, the message “unsupported get request” returning.

This is in contrast to BN-held state constituencies that furnish users with contact information of the local representatives when clicked.

Amendments were also made the the website's list of links, with the links “Umno Malaysia” and “Daftar Ahli Umno” now removed.

Malacca PAS Youth information chief Muhammad Aizat Baharuddin had yesterday criticised the Malacca government for failling to differentiate between party and government lines by omitting rightfully elected opposition representatives.

The missing constituencies were N15 Bachang - Lim Jak Woong, N16 Ayer Keroh - Khoo Poay Tiong, N19 Kesidang - Goh Leong San, N20 Kota Laksamana - Betty Chew, and N22 Banda Hilir - Tey Kok Kiew, all of which are held by DAP.

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