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Thursday, September 29, 2011

‘No need for non-Muslims to panic over hudud’

The hudud is meant only for Muslims and non-Muslims should not worry, says a Makkal Sakti Party leader.

GEORGE TOWN: Non-Muslims were told today not to panic over PAS’ intention to implement hudud laws in Kelantan.

A faction of the banned Hindraf Makkal Sakti Party, who also claims to be Pakatan-friendly, said the hudud was only meant for Muslims and not for non-Muslims.

R Sanjeeviramah, who claims to be the vice-president of the Malaysia Makkal Sakti party, said: “The rights and interests of non-Muslims would surely be safeguarded under the civil laws.”

The other MMSP faction, friendly to Barisan Nasional, is led by president RS Thanenthiran.

Sanjeeviramah was commenting on the Kelantan Menteri Besar and PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Man’s announcement that his government wanted to introduce hudud laws in Kelantan.

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has personally supported Nik Aziz’s political stand. However, both Pakatan leaders drew flaks from various quarters, mostly non-Muslims, for planning to implement hudud, which critics described as an outdated system of laws, that would take the society backwards rather than forward.

Pakatan ally, the DAP has been vocal against Nik Aziz and Anwar over the issue.

Last night at a coalition meeting, Pakatan agreed that the implementation of hudud laws must have consensus of all Pakatan partners.

Sanjeeviramah is of the opinion that it was within the rights of Muslims to prefer religious laws as their governing system.

He said he was surprised with uproar among the non-Muslims over the implementation of hudud laws for Muslims.

“Hudud is for the Muslims.So long hudud does not infringe into non-Muslims, we should not worry,” he said.

He also said PAS government should be allowed to implement hudud laws if majority Kelantanese wanted it.

He suggested that PAS should hold a referendum to obtain a two-thirds majority support from Kelantanese to have a clear mandate to introduce the law.

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