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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, September 30, 2011

Exporting 1Malaysia Cyberlaw

Internet access in BolehLand is an envy by many nations that have no access to the internet or very strict access or censorship in the likes of Communist Capitalist China.

And we should thank 1Malaysia for at least for the moment keeping to ole Tun's promise that there will be no censorship of the internet. Though these days, no censorship is as wobbly as 'tau foo fah'.

While we may debate what can, cannot or should not be censored, there is a growing concern of the government's double standard in taking action, punitive ones at times against those who do not write or support politically correct views.

We are all aware of the government's swift action taken against opposition or pro opposition websites, blogs and even tweets, even on mere hearsay or lies or groups making police report against such online sources. While, many pro and politically correct online sources are given 100% uncensored freedom to write unsubstantiated reports, sensitive racist and religious remarks and what not.

At least for the moment the rights and freedom and censorship of the internet is put on hold, perhaps until the government gets back its two-thirds majority?

Even if the government takes punitive action against those who talk about ideology banned by the government, or sensitive hate views of this or that religion, nothing is done to censor those millions of websites that carry views that are not politically correct to UMNO and BN. So it's back to what the government does best - selective prosecution and double standard. They have perfected it that they do not even see actions they take as selective prosecution and will also cite the laws that grant them the right to take action. The operative word is the law protects them and if you break the law you pay is the mentality being adopted and used as argument to nullify any suggestions that the authorities are practicing double standard even if the public thinks otherwise. Perhaps GE13 will the the public's response to such arrogance huh?

Has Bolehland's government set a good example at least in using its version of cyberlaws that will be in the forefront of influencing the international community with regard to cyberlaws? See part story below.

Noone disputes that certain content can or should be censored. But, do we have the authority to demand that censorship and possibly a crime issue for 'insulting religion and rulers?' If you oppose the way your religion is trampled upon and seek legal redress and justice, are you insulting another's religion?

And insulting rulers applies to nations that feel royalty has relevance or the royalties are elevated to the status of God! In BolehLand, it is a taboo and a crime on the same level as lèse majesté law to say anything politically incorrect against the royalty. Are we asking David Cameron to institute a law in UK to criminalise their citizens for making remarks against QEII or the royal family? What's the difference between insulting a King, Ruler or even dictators and Heads of Government? We have seen those who insult their leaders branded as criminals such as in Communist China or dictators of many banana republics! And BolehLand is not too far away from perhaps criminalising anyone who makes politically incorrect statement or views about their present political leader no?

So our Minister of Information is misinformed if he wishes to communicate to the international community to include insult to God and Rulers as crimes most foul. In many developed countries, even the so called conservative Godly U.S. of A, religion and the state are not supposed to mix! So are Christian democracies that separate God and politics!

Can we honestly preach to the international community that our record of respect and freedom of religion is impeccable? And on insulting religion, the internet has millions of websites, each extolling that whatever religion it is lay claim that theirs is the true one and others false. So are these religions claiming to worship the true God, insulting our Minister's religion where back home it is considered the true religion and God and that plurarity is as haram as consuming alcohol or pork, huh?

Let us hope that we be humble than try to teach the world that we are the epitome of safeguarding cyberspace with our cyberlaws!

Let us hope they don't propose a 1Malaysia email account to snoop into people's lives and make some cronies rich!

Bolehland proposing cyberlaws to the international community and world is like we preaching to them about our human rights record and human rights hah! Is our Minister trying to make 1Malaysia look like a cool 1Cybersurfer too huh?

Malaysia will propose cyberlaws relating to the rights and freedom of internet users to prevent abuse during the International Cyberlaw Seminar in London in early November.
Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said the internet should be used to gain knowledge in line with development of information communication technology which has its advantages and disadvantages.
"We want local and international values to be inculcated so that the outside world does not only look at human rights but also protect humans from decadence."We will bring it (the Malaysian experience) over there. Absolute or 100 percent freedom is unwarranted.
"There must be value and technical specifications. For example, children can't watch pornography, gamble, insult religion and the rulers. All this will be discussed at the international seminar."...Bernama Sep 29, 2011.


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