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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opposition seats 'vanish' from Malacca gov't website

The Malacca government earned flak today for taking opposition-held constituencies and their elected representatives out of the state government's updated website.

"This is not an Umno or BN website, this is an official state government website with a .gov domain," Malacca PAS Youth information chief Muhammad Aizat Baharuddin said in a statement today.

NONEA check at the siteshowed all state constituencies listed - except for the five held by DAP - N15 Bachang, N16 Ayer Keroh, N19 Kesidang, N20 Kota Laksamana and N22 Banda Hilir.

The same was with its drop down menu, where the Bukit Katil parliamentary constituency lists only two of its four state constituencies, omitting Bachang and Ayer Keroh.

Vexed by the move, Muhammad accused the state government of being in denial.

"The Malacca government cannot accept the fact that five state assembly seats in the state were won by the opposition."

He also urged the website managers to make the necessary amendments to include all state constituencies and their assemblypersons.

"Do not allow political sentiments to blur the lines between government and party.

"This website should contain the complete information of all state assemblypersons without considering political affliation because the opposition is also in the state legislative assembly..." Muhammad said.

However, the missing state constituencies do have their constituency codes listed on the state map, but they cannot be clicked for viewing, like the others.

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