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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, September 29, 2011

MCA leaders hit by 'poison SMSes'

MCA leaders hit by 'poison SMSes'

IPOH - Even as the MCA is identifying its winnable candidates in Perak for the next general election, mud-slinging SMSes discrediting some party leaders seem to have started making their rounds in the state.

The first target is Datuk Lee Kon Yin. Lee, a former four-term state assemblyman, is also head of the Perak Barisan Nasional Public Service and Complaints Centre.

Dropped from contesting in the last election, the 56-year-old was put in cold storage until last year when he was re-appointed the party's state public service and complaints bureau head.

His popularity increased when he was also appointed to head the Perak BN's Public Service and Complaints Centre. But his political comeback, seen by many as opening the doors for him to be selected as a candidate, had also made him the target of anonymous SMS attacks.

In recent days, two SMSes hitting out at Lee, sent from the same number, have been circulating among MCA members.

The lengthy SMSes were also sent to reporters in selected Chinese and English newspaper organisations.

Former Pasir Pinji state assemblyman Datuk Chan Kam, who served three terms, is also being targeted.

Lee said police reports had been lodged on the anonymous SMSes.

"I believe some people fear my comeback in MCA and have resorted to poison SMSes to destroy me.

"Police reports have been lodged and I shall meet the media this Friday to explain the whole thing."

He said several SMSes targeting his team members had also been distributed recently.

- Asiaone

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