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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pictures: Reinforcements sent to Pulau Bukom as fire rages more intensely (VIDEO)

Reinforcement fire engines on a barge headed to Pulau Bukom left mainland at 2pm. -- ST PHOTO: LEONARD LIM

Three more fire engines and one support vehicle were sent on a barge to Pulau Bukom at 2pm.

The vehicles carried reinforcement supplies needed to help put out the blaze, which raged more strongly at 12pm on Thursday.

Hundreds of employees working in the island have been evacuated, although several executives from Shell are believed to be staying put.

Meanwhile, supervisors are rounding up their workers and conducting headcounts at Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal and bussing them away.

At about noon on Thursday, three more explosions were heard around Pulau Bukom. The SCDF told The Straits Times that two of its fire engines were badly damaged by the fire at the Shell refinery there.

One fire engine sustained partial damage.

The blaze, which began at about 1.15pm on Wednesday, appear to have re-started and witnesses saw a 'fire ball shooting into the sky' around the time of the explosions.

Hundreds of workers have been ferried back to Singapore. Some laboratory staff and executives are still at the refinery, but their office is far way from the pump room where the fire is.

The SCDF has confirmed that there has been a surge in the fire at the manufacturing facility. The fire is still contained within the bund wall.

According to Shell in a statement released at 2pm on Thursday: 'The source of the fire are remnant light fuel components within the specific area where the fire originated. The smoke observed is from hydrocarbons that are not fully combusted.'

Shell has also stressed that only essential staff remain on the island.

Boundary cooling operations are still being carried out to prevent heat exposure to the nearby storage tanks.



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