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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ghost from the Past, When can Malaysia Move Forward?

The fear of Islamization cost DAP strongmen their parliamentary seats in 1999. Today, the same ghost is back haunting the coalition but at a wrong time!

It is important for Pas to understand, comprehend and adapt their political struggle with the current political climate worldwide especially in the Muslim world. Jasmine revolution in the Middle East and Africa did happen not because there wasn't enough Islamic/Hudud laws implemented but partly due to a desire of their people, especially the youths, to enjoy more freedom and personal liberty.

I had met a group of Iranian students and young activists in Portugal in 2009, almost six months before the Iranian uprising. Like any other youths, they had wanted more freedom to enjoy their fashion, music, entertainment and lifestyle. Unfortunately, restrictions from the regime had pushed most of the youth activities underground.

The revolt and uprising in the Middle East was motivated by their people's desire for freedom, good governance, access to opportunities and democracy.

There is a fear that some Muslim leaders in this country do not understand what the youths really wanted. By being too pushy, history is bound to repeat itself.

It is not the time for leaders to quarrel over Hudud. It would have been more productive for politicians to spend hours discussion ways and solutions to ensure our Malaysian economy does not slip into recession, create more jobs for the people, control rising inflation and cost of living, curbing corruption, eradicating racism, stop the abuse of migrants for vote and other unproductive and unnecessary bickering among politicians.

In the next elections, we have a chance to pick those who are interested to serve and govern well and kick out the Mullah wannabees, race champions, crooked politicians and those wasting too much time on race and religion but little else on governance and policy making.

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