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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maseu - 'Mahathir destroyed MAS...

Malaysian Airlines System Employees’ Union (Maseu) secretary general Ab Malek Arif said the staff of the national airlines had not forgiven former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad for appointing Tajuddin Ramli to replace Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman as chairman in the 1990s.

Claiming that invisible hands had been at work since Tajuddin’s appointment, Malek recalled how MAS was making profits every year before Tajuddin came on board.

He said since Tajuddin's entry, "MAS not only did not make profit, in fact it has been making losses every year.

"It is clear that MAS staff are still angry and cannot forgive what Mahathir did," he said

On the recent controversial share swap deal between MAS and Air Asia, Malek questioned the wisdom of having such a swap with a ‘small’ company like Air Asia, whereas MAS had bigger number of assets.

He said while on the surface only Air Asia boss Tony Fernandes was visible, "behind the screen there are many invisible hands".

"We know Tony will not be able to do anything if there’s no influence from the back. Tony came under someone’s instruction and this well known among MAS employees,” he said.

Yesterday, Mahathir said he was fed-up with MAS's failure to make profits despite being supported by the government with ample funds and protection over the years.

“I support MAS/Air Asia cooperation because for years now I have been fed-up with the management of MAS. Government had supported MAS with funds and protection but MAS had never done well.

"Air Asia is a newcomer but it has managed to sustain itself. Despite giving free seats and cheap fares it is still surviving. And it is apparently making some profits. By right it should close down by now. That it is still around must be because its management knows something that I don’t know,” he wrote on his blog.

Mahathir said all that he wanted was “Air Asia’s management playing a role, indirectly or directly in the management of MAS.”

“I believe Air Asia can contribute in this area i.e. unless MAS is not prepared to learn from a 'cheap' airline. That would be a tragedy. I hope I have made clear why I support MAS and Air Asia working together,” he stressed.

Following the swap, Fernandes and his partner Kamaruddin Meranun joined the MAS board to help 'turn it around'.

Maseu meanwhile threatened to hold a picket against MAS.

Malek claimed that Tony’s presence in MAS together with the "invisible hands" were aimed at taking over MASKargo and also the Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) business.

Recalling that MAS suffered RM270 million and RM500 million in losses for the first and second quarters of 2011 respectively, Malek said the performance was not acceptable to staff.

“Why losses continue to happen?,” asked Malek.



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  1. The Sky Chef belongs to former PM's brother - MAS flights out of KLIA will be catered extra in business class and first class for more wastage. This is why MAS would make losses - all the profits will be sucked out via expensive contracts. Items like large silver foils, lime cordial, aerosol sprays have been the strongest cable since 2000. Anyone who touches that contract will be terminated.

    Why Tengku Azmil was kicked out? Because he stopped all contracts coming from the invisible hands that for feeding its cronies. Immediately after the changed of new brand of juices supplying for MAS flights i.e. JOY brand to DIMES brand, Tengku Azmil was asked to step down immediately. IF MAS's contracts are given to those neutral parties, the invisible hands will start making lots of noises and calls for more and more contracts involving Sultan Pahang too.

    The orchid flowers are each RM150 x 6; supplied for each Jumbo flight = RM900 is wasted and charged by Sky Chef. When trying to take out, that is when a CEO/MD would be asked to resign or leave immediately.

    Let's see how much the new management can save for the airlines. This would require all of the above items removed from MAS - will the invisible hands agreed to cutting it out from MAS's contracts?

    www.wipro.com is the website jointly created in India by AK and the gang to provide consultancy in transformation plans for airlines including MAS. Tengku Azmil stopped it from spreading its anti-union practice into MAS because a business corrupted man named Bashah Aziz is trying very hard to make money from MAS by introducing wipro group into MAS so that he can make commission out of it. This corrupted business man once said he had tried corrupting the ex-MOT to develop a land with a fee of RM3 million.

    The government should clean up all these corrupted business con-man first because it's them who caused the government the uprising unfavorable reputation. And put them in jail and lock away from the pubic.


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