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Friday, September 30, 2011

Perak State Assembly turns into political circus

Out of sight from the national spotlight, proceedings at the Perak State Assembly after the power grab have often descended to farcical levels.

The Ipoh Echo reports:

The latest sitting on Monday, August 15 was no exception. It started at 10.00am and ended at 12.30pm – the shortest in the annals of the Perak State Assembly. Within a period of 150 minutes, the only issue of substance debated, which elicited some very heated exchanges of words and expletives, was the controversial RM5.8 billion Liquefied Natural Gas in Tanjung Hantu, Manjung.

The Opposition’s ire was aroused over questions as to how a project of such magnitude is being awarded to a “company with no records of business dealings and no contact numbers”. The company “with a paid-up capital of RM100 suddenly had RM5m in its kitty when a report was lodged with the federal anti-corruption commission”.

Full report here.

- anilnetto

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