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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Latest: 7Malaysia !

Now if you think this is the number 1 that the prime minister Najib holds dearly in promoting then I think something 's gone awfully wrong. Maybe the contractor was stream-lining the numero uno to appease our FLOM who is so keen on all those aerobic exercises she indulges in or maybe that the contractor had run short of funds to "fatten" the all important number Malaysians especially in BN are so fixated with.

But my guess is, 7 is that "back-door" local bred chief minister's Zamri's favorite or lucky number. I really thought 7 was what I was actually looking at and never the number 1.

Well maybe Najib has never set foot on this island cos if he did, he would be so insulted and infuriated by this thamby for making such a mockery of Najib's all important 1this and 1that !

You tell me.....if I should be forgiven for saying it's a 7 !

Cheers and a "HAPPY NEW YEAR"to all ! 

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