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Friday, December 30, 2011

Save the Sultan, nab the boys

Iskandar Investment Berhad couldn’t have imagined such publicity even if Kalimullah had been their Chairman and Abdullah Badawi was still sleeping somewhere in Putrajaya.

The past few days ISKANDAR INVESTMENT has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. When news of the MACC operation and subsequent court appearance of a few super senior ISKANDAR INVESTMENT officers broke, some FOURTH FLOOR boys up North in KL must have been rattled.

No doubt that Shahrizat Jalil could have a breather, a temporary one that is, but MACC’s hit in Johor has definitely sent a chill down the spine of quite a number of high profile operatives- those in Khazanah included.

What many may not notice is that the Iskandar hit may just be the tip of the iceberg as some of the trails could be leading up the ‘serene’ hill, or so they say.

Word has it that a former MMRCB senior officer has spilled the beans about a so-called multi million under-table payment to a newly minted Sultan. It could be empty talk or just the former 4th floor policy maker’s name-throwing antics but that has surely led to a series of other allegations against the same Sultan.

Its certainly snowballing and people in Johor and Singapore are talking about it.

Sources, not from the North, East or West, say the Sultan on the advice of the ex-4th floor boy who claims to have the Sultan in his pocket, has been encroaching into the affairs of the state civil service with impunity.

The said Sultan’s friends and business partners could also be deeply involved in the ISKANDAR scandal which is fast unfolding now. Medini Iskandar, the say, could be holding lots of secrets.

Since the shit in Iskandar has hit the ceiling, the Sultan may want to reconsider his partnership with those who claim to have paid him millions from MMRCB and continue to sell the Sultan’s name from Kota Baharu to Kallang , Kuala Lumpur included.

One DTK ZZ is up to no good, or so they say.

Being a Sultan, the monarch may also want to stay out of business that involves state land, state policy and arm-twisting the state civil service.

In the meantime Azman of Khazanah should do an audit on the GLCs (or rather their directors) who have been claiming that the Sultan could be bribed. The Sultan may appear fierce but we his people don’t believe that he is corrupt or has been abusing his powers. 

Why should he be doing such things when he is the Sultan of our state?

Ampun Tuanku! Jangan biarkan si-kitol menikam dari belakang Tuanku. 

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