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Saturday, December 31, 2011

NFC chief the clown, Umno the ringmaster

YOURSAY 'Would you pay RM1.75 million to someone who is running a limousine business to give you consultancy services on how to run a cattle farm?'

'Datuk' charged with cheating NFC boss

your sayAnak JB: This whole thing is like a circus with the clown being the NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) chairperson. The ring master is some Umnoputras who have granted the loan.

Unless we do something quick in the next election, this good country will go bankrupt. Do we entrust RM250 millin to a clown who uses public money like his own money - buying condos and offering consultancy fees?

Clever Voter: The script is so predictable and so well rehearsed that future law students can use as a reference to learn how rotten the judiciary has become.

Should the Pakatan Rakyat government becomes a reality, one of the priorities must surely be to get rid of the rotting agencies, arrest the hundreds of corrupt individuals connected with this, and recover the money that has been stolen from the people.

The police, as part of this drama, is at the top of the food chain. How could we allow this shameless thing to take place?

Pemerhati: Umno over the years has morphed into a criminal organisation. Their main aim is to remain in power by any crooked means and plunder the country.

The very top leaders - those in league of Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Najib Razak - steal billions and those lower down in the pecking order like Shahrizat Abdul Jalil steal in the millions.

When one of them is caught red-handed, Umno uses a number of strategies to fool the gullible Malaysians, especially the simple people in the rural areas, into thinking that Umno does not condone such activities.

The common strategy is to have a Kasitah Gaddam or Mohamad Khir Toyo type of show trial just before the elections and then declare them innocent after the elections, or give them a rap on the wrist.

The other strategy now unfolding in the case of Shahrizat is to try and put the spotlight on some small-time crook to divert the attention from the major theft by the minister and her family, which was actively aided and abetted by people like DPM Muhyiddin Yassin and other top Umno leaders.

Kee Thuan Chye: This case has come up obviously to divert attention from Shahrizat and her family, and to make her husband appear a victim so that the rakyat might sympathise with him.

But what NFC boss Mohamad Salleh Ismail should explain is why he paid the dubious datuk RM1.755 mil to "influence someone". Whom did Mohamad Salleh want to influence? What did he hope to gain from influencing that someone?

Is it connected to the allegation that the dubious datuk tried to bribe police officers investigating the NFC scandal? Is the NFC boss himself behind the attempt to bribe the cops?

There are many questions that have surfaced from this case, and they actually throw even more suspicion on Mohamad Salleh.

Until a reasonable and believable explanation is given, he gets no sympathy. And as far as the NFC scandal is concerned, he's still certainly not off the hook.

Changeagent: What kind of self-respecting businessman would pay RM1.755 million in consultation fees to a limousine and taxi services operator for advice on running a cattle business?

Unless there are other plausible explanations to why this 'datuk' was even consulted in the first place, Mohamad Salleh is just showing how inept and out-of-depth he really is in managing the NFC.

This whole fiasco is starting to become even murkier and stinks to the high heavens.

Brickfields Boy: Would you pay RM1.75 million to someone who is running a limousine business to give you consultancy services on how to run a cattle farm?

I cannot believe my ears that the authority can fall for such crap. All this is nothing but a diversion from the main issue of the purchase of condominiums in Bangsar and Singapore and the piece of land in Putrajaya. Why has these issues not been addressed yet?

Nik V: This is not about a con man stealing from a legitimate corporation. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It's about thieves stealing from thieves. It's about corruption and cronyism gone wrong. It's about the fall guy.

Remember, there is no honour among thieves. Malaysia needs a charismatic and courageous leader to lead Malaysia out of this darkness.

Karma: NFC now has one more ‘C' after condo, cow, cash (transfer), corrupting (the police), car, cuisine (Singapore restaurant) and the latest ‘C' is ‘consultation fee' worth RM1.75 million.

At least they fixed someone for the loss of RM1.75 million. Now who else is taking the fall for the others.

By the way, this is fast to go to court instead of 'using government funds to buy condos' or 'misappropriating zakat money' for purposes other than helping the Muslim poor.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: There is an ancient Chinese proverb, which roughly translates as: "The guilty is the first to air his grievance".
In imperial China, corrupt court officials would often try to manufacture a crisis and be the first to air their false grievances to the emperor in order to divert attention from their crimes.

This is clearly the case here with the NFC chief complaining that he had been ‘cheated' by this ‘datuk', except in this case the ‘emperor' (the Umno-BN regime) is only too happy to play along in order to hide the real crime which it itself is fully complicit - the embezzlement of RM250 million of public funds.

No one is fooled by this charade: it is clear that this ‘datuk' is going to be the next ‘Sirul and Azilah' - nothing but fall guys to take the blame in place of the real criminals. - Malaysiakini

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