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Friday, December 30, 2011

‘Minister’s aide punched me’

A NGO leader claims that the human resources minister's aide assaulted him in the presence of MIC Youth chief T Mohan.
KUALA LUMPUR: A NGO leader has alleged that an aide to the human resources minister assaulted him last night.
S Gobi Krishnan, president of little known People’s Rights and Welfare Coalition (Power), said the private secretary to Dr S Subramaniam and MIC Youth exco, who is also named S Subramaniam, punched him repeatedly in the face.
“At about 11.50 while I was having drinks with MIC Youth chief T Mohan, his wife and others at a coffee house in Seri Pacific hotel… he punched me in the face and head four times and I suffered injuries on my cheek till I bled, my lips were bruised,” stated Gobi in his police report lodged today.
Gobi said his spectacles broke, his shirt button came off and his watch was also damaged as a result of the attack.
The NGO leader said he believed the attack stemmed from his previous claim that the same Subramaniam holds a fake degree as the Kensington University was de-registered in 2003 by the Hawaiian authorities.
Gobi’s claim was published in FMT in July and the minister had promised to probe the matter.
He alleged that the appointment of Subramaniam as private secretary was recommended by Mohan and endorsed by Dr Subramaniam.
Recounting his ordeal at a press conference, Gobi said:”While I was chatting with Mohan, he had asked me why I always criticised him in public and I answered that was what a ‘pro-rakyat’ NGO should do.”
He claimed that while he was talking to Mohan, Subramaniam suddenly rushed to him and started attacking him. He added that others at the scene quickly pulled Subramaniam away.
Gobi said he wanted MIC president G Palanivel and the party’s disciplinary body to take stern action against those involved.
‘I just slapped him’
Contacted later, Subramaniam said: “I didn’t punch him, I just slapped him, that’s all. And no, not four times, two times only.”
Asked why he did so, the minister’s aide said it was because Gobi provoked him and that was what caused the clash.
“At first I wanted to shake hands with him. He started mocking me saying ‘there, MIC goons are coming’. This is one problematic man, he causes problems wherever he goes,” he said.
On his alleged fake degree, Subramaniam said that was no longer an issue.

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