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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Malay Sick Pee Millionaires

Agents of 6P programme found earning by the millions

Azril Annuar and Alyaa Alhadjri
and Alyaa Alhadjri

PETALING JAYA (Aug 16, 2011): The 6P programme to register and legalise illegal immigrants has generated millions of ringgit for the 336 appointed agents as the entire RM335 collected from each immigrant goes to them.
The agents in turn pay sub-agents commission of between RM50 and RM70 for each illegal immigrant they “head-hunt”.
Home Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam said the legalisation process at Immigration offices were free but agents were paid for providing a service.
“It is the ‘service charge’ provided by the agencies. The government is not taking a sen of the RM300 paid to the agencies.”
The RM335 does not include the levies paid by employers to retain their illegal workers once they have been legalised with the highest being in the service sector (RM1,800 per person).
Employers will also have to bear the medical fees (RM200), visa charges (RM160) and insurance (RM100). With the number of illegal foreign workers estimated at two million, the total amount comes to a whopping sum.
More than 1.2 million illegal workers have been registered, mostly through agents who have earned more than RM400 million to date.
If all two million illegals are registered by them, the agents would rake in RM670 million – easy money, considering it takes only two to three minutes to register a worker through the fingerprint scanner.
Their costs include paying about RM15,000 for a biometric machine which can be resold to the government for RM6,000 once the programme ends.
But even with such handsome returns, many greedy agents have resorted to overcharging.
The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had reportedly uncovered cases where some unscrupulous agents have charged immigrants as much as RM2,000 to ensure they are granted amnesty and legalisation. The Home Ministry has also issued a show-cause letter to an agent which issued fake amnesty cards to immigrants for RM3,000.
theSun has also obtained copies of receipts which showed that some agents charged RM500 per immigrant.
A Home Ministry source said the service charge could be higher on the excuse of providing lodging, transportation and food for workers from out of town. The RM300 could also include arrangements and the paperwork handled by the agents on behalf of illegal workers or their employers to legalise them.
“You have to remember, they are a business, they don’t do anything for free. They also need to cover the cost of going to the Immigration offices, arranging for appointments, etc.
“For the illegal workers who are employed, the employers might not have the time to handle all this for their workers and this is the service provided by the agencies. There are also some who might charge a little bit more but they might provide better hotels and such,” said the Immigration official.
Migrant Care (Malaysia) director Alex Ong said individuals who claimed to represent appointed agents were cashing in by roping in illegals to be registered.
He said commission paid to such sub-agents and runners to “recruit” illegal migrants resulted in the higher fees.
“Besides local staff, there are also large numbers of foreigners who are paid by these companies to attract their countrymen to register,” he claimed.
A check around Chow Kit area revealed at least two locations where sub-agents had set up their operations, equipped with nothing more than a foldable table and a clipboard with several forms.
At one spot, a group of foreign workers said they had to pay RM80 up front for “registration” fees.
Ong said Migrant Care had published 10,000 copies of a pocket guide on the amnesty exercise and distributed it free to the migrants.
Many Malays have become instant Millionaires thanks to UMNO Government in creating the 6P Programme. This 6P Programme is created out of need to ensure that the ruling government can continue to stay in power for another 50 years.  All the illegal and legal migrant are now Citizens of this country.  Many of them are holding the new Mykad that will be implemented next year.  
As citizen of this country, not everyone will get the chance to change to the new Mykad in time for the 13GE because there is a waiting period of 1 month and knowing how cunning our government is, will drag it to six months.  By then the 13GE will be over and done with and one will lose the chance to vote this time round.
If Bersih 2.0 think they can now rest easy, they are wrong.  The EC directive will be very clear.  No new Mykad you cannot vote.  So how many of the 3 million genuine voters will be allow to vote.  What I am very sure is that the new 2.8 million  instant citizens (Indonesians and Bangladeshis) will be there to vote on polling day.
I have questioned at least 12 6P Malay Agents who are now millionaires why they are willing to sell the country this way.  The replies were:  1) If I don't do it, others will.  2)  I rather have an Indonesian or Bangladeshi as Prime Minister then to have a Chinese.  It does not matter the Chinese is a Muslim or not.  Chinese has no place in this country. 3) If someone is willing to make me a millionaire, why should I refuse?  4)  With the millions I make I can live comfortably and not worry about the future.  5)  My children can look after themselves, with this money they can leave this country.  This country has nothing to afford me any longer. I rather live in Indonesia.
This is the most frustrating part about the Malays, they are selfish and foolish.  They simply do not love this country and the future to them is today.

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