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Saturday, December 31, 2011

[Video] Destroying A History Heritage In Sura Jetty

Teluk Lipat - Malay proverb says, 'once the waves crashing, once coastal change', this is the reality happening on the Gulf coast resort Lipat the pride of citizens following the tragedy of Bukittinggi waves the past few days is deemed small tsunami. 

The people who witnessed the incident however, had to accede to the phenomenon of nature that disables nearly all the landscape as exciters to beautifull coastal tourist attraction in this area over the last quarter of the last decade. 

Secretary of the Association of Malay History Bukittinggi Dungun branch, Wan Ngah Wan Mohd Rosli said, the tragedy of the waves large should be a lesson to all parties to take the early initiative preserving precious natural treasures so as not to crush that could affect the ecosystem, cultures and its possible economic impact to local communities. 

He said, in the context of heritage, authenticity of the Gulf coast or the name of the Lipat Sura Jetty history has vanished and can not be restored despite the efforts made ​​to restore it. 

"Although the issue cost millions to reshape the landscape structure of the damaged Gulf Lipat wave erosion, but it failed to restore the original nostalgia with history of high value it. 

"For those who have witnessed the glorious events Sura Jetty port, the only one visual memories and traces of history have failed to witness the failure of our own heritage while preserving this is precious," he said. -SH

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