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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Covid-19 (Sept 30): 12,735 cases, five states in four digits


The Health Ministry today reported 12,735 new Covid-19 cases today, bringing the cumulative infections to 2,245,695.

West Malaysia made up 9,254 of the new cases or 72.7 percent while East Malaysia contributed to 3,481 of the fresh infections or 27.3 percent.

In Peninsula Malaysia, the Klang Valley was responsible for 2,226 or 24.1 percent of the new infections while the remaining 7,028 cases or 75.9 percent came from outside of the Klang Valley.

Sarawak topped the chart with 2,487 fresh infections while Kedah, Kelantan and Perlis are seeing an uptick in new cases.

Kedah saw the highest number of new cases in 12 days (since Sept 18) while new infections in Kelantan and Perlis are the highest in a week.

On the flip side, Penang is making progress, recording the lowest number of fresh infections in 51 days, since Aug 10.

Today's active cases and reported deaths will only be released after midnight. For yesterday's figures, click here.

New cases by states

Sarawak (2,487)
Selangor (1,940)
Johor (1,241)
Kelantan (1,232)
Kedah (1,033)
Sabah (993)
Perak (913)
Penang (763)
Terengganu (726)
Pahang (697)
Kuala Lumpur (258)
Malacca (194)
Negeri Sembilan (132)
Perlis (97)
Putrajaya (28)
Labuan (1)

[More to follow]

- Mkini

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