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Thursday, September 30, 2021

YOURSAY | Splurging on renovation while nation suffers from Covid-19

YOURSAY | ‘With that amount of money, a new building can be built.’

'Nation's image rests with Seri Perdana's occupants, not RM30m renovations'

Seri Perdana renovations cost RM38.5m, clarifies minister

Bobbyo: Almost RM40 million just to renovate Seri Perdana (the official residence of the prime minister). With that amount of money, a new building complete with furniture can be built.

This is the problem when the Treasury is in the hands of incompetent leaders. Projects are diverted to cronies at exorbitant prices.

It looks like we are more concerned about the ‘reputation’ of the building rather than how our grandchildren or future generations would think about those leaders who occupied it.

It’s not like we have much reputation left in the international circles. The 1MDB scandal, the backdoor government, disastrous handling of the Covid-19 crisis, there is much more negative news that has streamed out of this nation.

RM38.5 million could have been better used to take care of the nation’s poor, rather than taking care of the lifestyle of the spouse of each PM who enters Seri Perdana.

Federal Bakery: The candour is gratifying - not RM30 but RM38.5 million. But get a sense of proportion. You can build about 800 low-cost apartments and house up to 4,000 people.

And you are talking about repairing something that should not have been built in the first place.

Mano: I noted the opulence of the surroundings whenever “Twister” talks from his home.

I have also noted the opulence of the surroundings of where Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Najib Abdul Razak had a meeting at one of their homes. I have also noted the opulence of the Dewan Rakyat with the wood carvings, plush carpets, etc.

I have also seen in social media the home of the late Lee Kuan Yew, even at his funeral, after spearheading the progress of his nation. I have seen how the MPs of Singapore sat on long benches in their Parliament house, which are very much like our school benches.

Do ordinary Malaysians see the glaring difference? Which leaders take care of their citizens and which leaders take care of themselves?

Amadeus: Not even 100 days and Ismail Sabri Yaakob is already spending like a madman.

There are hardly any good policies coming from his administration either, except for those aimed at enriching his kind, which isn’t surprising.

Why not use the amount for roads maintenance, preservation of old heritage buildings instead of demolishing them, building more schools, building and upgrading hospitals, feed the poor, etc. Instead, you choose to spend it on your family?

Even the state of upkeep of MRT’s surroundings is pitiful, with broken tiles, malfunctioning surrounding lights. What about the cleanliness of the city, with overflowing rubbish or non-existing trash bins?

Why don’t you trim your cabinet by half or reduce ministers’ salaries instead of keep thinking of ways to empty the nation’s coffers and taxpayers having to pay for it?

Muomuo: The renovation is to “preserve the nation’s image”, said the prime minister. This is typical of someone from the Umno mould. It’s pathetic but the vast majority couldn’t care less.

This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last, but some people will continue to support these politicians.

Justice For all: Indeed, a new house could have been built with that money. Stop wasting the people’s money, the government has got its priorities wrong. The actual cost might even be lower.

These people sitting up there just don’t realise the suffering of the rakyat or they don’t care. If people still vote Umno and Bersatu in the next GE, you asked for it.

BrownMacaw9225: RM38.5 million for renovation? Yes, you can build a new house cheaper!

For goodness’ sake, don’t simply spend the rakyat’s taxes just to show to the world our image when the occupants are already well-known for being corrupted.

We are living in a country full of idiots.

BlackDeer5241: Frugality has never been in Umno’s vocabulary, only gaya mesti ada!

RM38.5 million can be put into better use for those badly affected by Covid-19, or at least defer until the pandemic is over.

Or maybe he does not expect to remain in his seat for long so he’s making hay first.

PinkCarp2206: Meanwhile, the people have to organise donation drives and crowdfund projects to help the needy in this country.

Why do we fools keep electing so-called “leaders” who continue to misuse the country’s funds?

Compassion: I just did the math, you can provide cash aid of RM500 to 77,000 B40 (bottom 40 percent) households with the RM38.5 million. Instead, it’s just used for themselves. Ismail Sabri is also drawing a big salary that many tend to overlook.

This is the problem with the PM post in this country, the person occupying the post can just do whatever they please.

YellowCondor6925: Well, this is what happens when you put people like Ismail Sabri in the top post. Instead of worrying about the people’s suffering, he is more concerned about his image.

Is it necessary to spend this much at this point in time? And what was the motive? Something is wrong here.

This will also encourage other ministers to do the same with the example the PM is setting, just wasting public funds. It really frustrates us when such a big sum is just blown away. He seems not to be bothered.

Newday: It’s not as if this building is so old that it qualifies for heritage status.

We have 100-year-old buildings in Malaysia still standing firm to the test of time, while a 22-year-old building needed RM38.5 million’s worth of renovations? How bad must the original quality of work be to justify this sort of expenditure?

It would have been better to bulldoze it and start anew given the exorbitant cost.

JusticeNow!: Outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel lives in an apartment without any servant, just she and her husband.

She brought more prestige to Germany than our sprawling Putrajaya. The endless waste and leakage are bleeding Malaysia to death. - Mkini

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