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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Zaid Ibrahim, law firm settle suit over use of his name

Zaid Ibrahim and the law firm he founded have settled a legal action over the latter’s use of the former de facto law minister’s name.

In a joint media statement issued today, Zaid and law firm Zaid Ibrahim & Co announced the resolution of the matter.

“In the matter of the legal proceedings between Mohd Zaid Ibrahim and Zaid Ibrahim & Co and others, we wish to announce that the parties have resolved all matters to their mutual satisfaction.

“The solicitors have been instructed to withdraw all legal proceedings.

“We are pleased to put this behind us and wish each other the best in moving forward,” parties declared in the press statement.

The bottom of the statement listed not only the name of Zaid and Zaid Ibrahim & Co, but also the firm’s chairperson and senior partner Nik Norzrul Thani as well as related group ZICO Holdings Incorporated’s managing director Chew Seng Kok.

On Nov 18 last year at the Kuala Lumpur High Court, Zaid filed the suit against the law firm that he founded in 1987, in order to stop it from using his name.

Notice of termination

On Oct 28 last year, it was reported that Zaid would be returning to the legal firm he founded 34 years ago, where he was then to assume the post of chairperson, effective Nov 1.

After having been with the firm for 21 years, the plaintiff left in March 2008 to assume the post of minister of legal affairs and judicial reform. He held the ministership until September the same year.

Zaid claimed that after taking up the legal firm’s chairperson post on Nov 1 last year, the firm suddenly, on Nov 9, served on him a notice of termination from all posts in the firm with immediate effect.

The plaintiff claimed that the defendant’s use of his personal name as the name of the law firm would amount to misrepresentation.

Zaid alleged that the firm utilising his personal name would lead the public to believe the services provided by the firm were actually services provided by him and/or the defendant was economically related to the plaintiff.

The plaintiff also claimed that the firm is wrongfully utilising his name in its name as it would amount to a breach of Bar Council Ruling No 2.01.

Zaid had sought, among others, for an injunction to restrain the defendant, its servants or agents or otherwise howsoever, from the use of his name in any form and style as the firm’s name. - Mkini

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