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Monday, October 31, 2011

NFC: What a bull

  • I have read the online news that quoted Noh Omar on the issue surrounding the NFC. The minister was saying among others that that the project is a success and there is nothing wrong with Minister children participating in the project. To show the strong background of the personality involved he even highlighted the glowing academic CV of Mohamad Salleh, the Executive Chairman.

  • I agree that there is nothing wrong by giving the youngsters a chance to be involved in a cattle business. However I disagree that we can call it a success. By my assessment it is a total failure because it did not reduce our national dependency of meat imports. I would expect that after RM200 mill and after 5 years, there would be significant reduction of imports. Instead it continues to import cattle, causing the country to lose on foreign exchange and slaughter them locally.

  • The way I see it is better to slaughter them in Australia and bring in the meat as that would be cheaper and logistically easier. The Gemas project did not bring value add to the nation. It only added 3 more youngsters into the cattle business. It did not reduce the nation meat import. It only gave RM200 mill to several kids to experiment.

  • The issue is not about Shahrizat or her family. The issue is about the government. The government has wasted RM200 mill of direct funds at a subsidized cost. The money could have been used to develop small farmers livestock program instead of giving to one person. I would have given the money to 20,000 experienced livestock farmer with animals worth RM10, 000 (or 1 bull and 3 heifers). Within 5 years each farmer would have between 13 to 15 animals and the 20,000 farmers would have produced 300,000 animals. That is something that we can be proud off.

  • The government must be made accountable. How can our Minister be proud of with spending RM200 mill and exposing 3 new graduates in cattle business and slaughtering about 5000 odd cattle as a measure of success? If I am the Minister I would be ashamed to give such a reply in Parliament because the ministry has failed. There is a Malay proverb that says, “menegakkan benang yang basah” and that exactly what Noh did today. To me this is embarrassing.

GE-13: Najib's 'I can DELIVER' talk is cheap!

GE-13:  Najib's 'I can DELIVER' talk is cheap!

A primary one student can also claim easily that he can deliver. In fact all salesmen, businessmen and any Tom Dick and Harry can promise and say, "I can deliver".

I was disconnected from the virtual and outside world for almost a month and had no idea what was happening in the local political scene. While eating the bungkus nasi lemak I read from the wrapped Star paper headline "I can deliver - Najib Razak".

Today after getting connected again and having read most of the political news, I still wonder what the PM meant by "I can deliver". By just giving a salesman type of answer "I can deliver" means nothing if the whole system of manufacturing the product is not working in sync.

First-hand experience

Way back in the late 90's when I was in the US, I applied for a delivery job in a restaurant. The boss asked me one question 'can you deliver?' and of course my answer was 'I can deliver'. He started laughing and told me that he had fired six delivery men within six months, all answering the same question with 'I can deliver'. I asked what went wrong.

The boss then explained, either the car broke down frequently, the staff was not able to read the road map, poor working relationship with co-workers or flirting around. I then assured the boss that these will not be my problems and to try me out for a month. Since the restaurant was in urgent need of a delivery man I was employed.

Within two months I was named the fastest delivery man in town and of course the boss was laughing all the way to the bank because I could make so many deliveries for him each day. What the people wanted when they order delivery was that the food arrived in time and still in warm and tasty condition. I seldom crossed the speed limit and never got caught for any traffic offences. There were complaints to the boss that I delivered too fast, no joke. So, how did I successfully make the delivery? Here is how.

Within two weeks of employment I changed my old broken down Fort Escort for a brand new Nissan Sentra. Inside the kitchen there were the Chinese (China) chef, Indonesian helpers (preparing the raw ingredients), Americans taking the phone orders and packaging. I worked very closely with them all.

Once the orders were taken, the Americans would let me know the addresses (I always reminded the Americans to make sure the addresses were always correct) and I would study the map and find the locations. Next I will work with the chef to speed up on the delivery orders. The Americans would follow the list that I provided, highlighting which address I would deliver first and packed them accordingly to the routes that I would be driving to.

The whole system has to work as well

You can deliver successfully only when the whole system is functioning properly. Najib Razak alone cannot make any delivery if he fails to clean up the whole system that runs the government. The whole system is rotten to the core. Even his own DPM is not working or talking in sync with his policies, how can the PM make any delivery then? Sending his cybertroppers to attack the opposition with unsubstantiated claims of wrong doing, sexual misconduct and fabricated lies do not help either.

Giving out goodies only near election time is not delivery but actually an insult to the voters. Playing cool on the outside but cold inside that calls for "crushed bodies and lost lives" ain't delivery either. Flip flopping and making U-turns after policy statements have been declared cannot count as delivery. Copying from others and treating the ideas as yours are not delivery.

Without making changes to the judiciary, PDRM, MACC, EC, as well as laws that hinder democracy, race and religious relationships or appointing suitable, qualified and capable candidates to important Ministerial posts such as finance and education, I can bet that Najib can only deliver zero.

Today PM Najib has given us a very good advise, "don't be afraid to take risks", so what are you all waiting for. There is no need to grumble or be indecisive about it all. BN is led by Umno, which has been in power for over five decades and we have seen and heard how bad they are and yet we keep voting them in because we dare not take the risks.

Now, with Najib's advise we can take the risks to CHANGE the bad and filthy Umno government. Go for it, believe me, this risk is worth taking.


Bolehland’s Bunch of No-Nos

Written by Martin Jalleh
Bolehland’s Bunch of No-Nos

Najib has no balls

Muhyiddin has no brains

Hishammuddin has no integrity.

Rais Yatim has no sense

Zahid has no defence

Nazri has no consistency.

Palanivel has no merit

Yen Yen has no explanation

Peter Chin has no energy.

Shafie Apdal has no clout

Noh Omar has no answers

Mohamed Yakcop has no transparency.

Shahrizat has no “beef”

Kong Cho Ha has no backbone

Liow Tiong Lai has no sincerity.

Ismail Sabri has no price controls

Ahmad Shabery has no medals

Idris Jala has no sagacity.

Ongkili has no innovation

Douglas Uggah has no enthusiasm

Shaziman has no accountability.

Tsu Koon has no leadership

Dompok has no support

Subramaniam has no empathy.

Rosmah has no self-control

Ezam has no real issues

Khairy has no decency.

MIC has no voice

MCA has no choice

Gerakan has no stability.

Judiciary has no honour

Police has no independence

AG has no impartiality.

MACC has no results

MCMC has no logic

EC has no credibility.

Parliament has no vibrancy

Speaker has no fairness

Civil service has no quality.

Himpun has no relevance

Jais has no evidence

Perkasa has no respectability.

Utusan Malaysia has no ethics

Umno’s papers have no limits

MSM have no objectivity.

Umno has no shame

It has made no changes

It has no morals and honesty.

BN has no future

A coalition of no principles

The government has no dignity.

Bolehland will have no money

The country will have no hope

A pariah nation – Asia’s tragedy!

Say “NO!” to Umno

Say “NO!” to BN

Say “NO MORE!”

Rosmah Mansor buys pearls valued at $ 150,000 in Perth, Australia

WIFE of Prime Minister, Rosmah Mansor, who is well known as a spendthrift and loves buying expensive items, has done it again.

While following her husband Najib Razak to the conference of Commonwealth countries, CHOGM in Perth Australia, according to newspaper The West Australian, Rosmah Mansor has purchased pearls valued at $ 150,000 (RM387, 888).

Even his daughter had also spent at David Jones amounting to $ 60,000(RM193, 944).

Her husband, Prime Minister Najib has been suggesting to the Malaysian people to be prudent in their spending since the state of the economy seems to be in uncertainty. At the same time his own wife is spending like there is no tomorrow.

Rosmah Mansor showing-off her jewellery while with foreign dignitaries

"Leaders like this do not understand the hardship of the people......"

source : translated from MiLo SuaM