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Friday, December 30, 2016

Yo Online Media, plantation group has defaulted. Please ask the right questions.

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Here is more info. Talk is they have defaulted on their bank borrowings with at least one local bank. Which bank? The one that carries the logo of that endangered species. Cap Rimau. 

But "officially" it is not a default because the bank has "rescheduled" the loan half an hour before they defaulted ( missed their payment lah). Baik punya friendly banker.

Kalau Cikgu Hamid tak bayar instalment depa lelong rumah. No "rescheduling" anything. 

The bank (which is a GLC) can now become an endangered species as well. So the bank put some conditions. The bank told the plantation giant to get a guarantee from the gomen. (Spellcheck says "Gomez"  Adam's family 😂 😂 !)

So they just called MOI and got a gomen guarantee. Baik punya friendly gomen. 

Can I have a gomen guarantee too? I want to borrow some money too. I know something about steel. Kan dulu I belajar engineer sikit. I nak buat special steels mini-mill. Weapons grade steel. Kan orang Arab suka  bunuh membunuh. Not much lah tapi mini steel mill pun about RM1.5 billion saja. Boleh tak gomen bagi  guarantee, then Bank endangered species tu pinjam RM1.5b kat saya?

They rescheduled the loan but where is the cashflow to repay the loan?

The plantation giant has no money to pay the thousands of vendors and suppliers who do business with them. Their suppliers (especially SMEs) now have to wait up to six months to get paid for supplying materials, equipment etc. Lorry contractors have to wait 3 months or more. Some of the suppliers are facing financial difficulty. 

To bridge their cash shortage some of the SME suppliers have applied for bank loans - including from the same "cap endangered species" bank. Knowing that the plantation giant has defaulted the "endangered species" bank does not want to extend loans to SMEs doing business with the giant. It's double jeopardy isn't it? A huge section of the bumiputra SME supply chain is now at great risk.

So online media, ask the right questions.

Without anyone asking - except blogs like this one - our Pension Fund said that the plantation giant has not defaulted on their loans.  Maybe yes and no. If they could not pay the loan instalment yes it is a default. But if our friendly Pension Fund "rescheduled" their loan repayment then technically there is no default by the giant.

Just like what our friendly  "cap endangered species" bank has done - they rescheduled the loan BEFORE a default could happen. 

So online media call the Pension Fund and ask them, "Thank you for the info. Can you confirm if you have rescheduled any loans extended to plantation giant?"

Call the Pension Fund, the bank and the plantation giant as well and ask them "Is it true that some of plantation giant's loans from  Pension Fund, "endangered species bank", Ah Long, Muthupalaniappan Pillai Chettiar etc have been rescheduled?"

Call and ask lah. Let's see what they say?

BR1M a double-edged sword that cuts both ways

YOURSAY | ‘It is handouts to rakyat to make them dependant on the giver.’
Kingfisher: Social instruments of income support, such as medical assistance, childcare, universal free education including at tertiary level, are provided by caring governments that considers compassion for the not well-to-do.
The general public should view this as a public duty of a responsible and prudent government. On the other hand, cash handouts on a significant scale to enhance the purchasing power of those in need has its economic and compassionate value, but underlies a failure of government to effect a more equitable incomes and wages policy.
In both instances, a responsible government which is untainted in the wastage of public funds, and more troubling by corruption, can make decent claims that the approach is a fair distribution of wealth.
Where the government leaders are suspect of abuses of power, disregard of democratic values and imposing a form of tyranny, the cash handouts can be suspected as bribery. Remember, the benevolent despot is still around.
Democracy: Whether Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BRIM) is bribery or not depends on how it is implemented. The way it is done now is bribery.
If BRIM is given to 60 percent of the rakyat whom the government claims are "poor" and "needy" when it is saying we are already reaching almost developed status, then it indicates that BRIM is a bribe.
The lax way by which "poor" is defined is additional proof that BR1M is meant to buy votes. For example, an unemployed person from a rich family who is above 21 years old with no record of paying income tax can qualify for BRIM.
There are many loopholes for the rich to get BRIM. I believe the loopholes are intentional as BR1M is not just targeting the poor, but a sizable majority of voters.
Comparing BRIM with zakat or any other charity programme is like comparing apples with oranges. Zakat is given to the needy and not 60 percent of Muslims.
Hang Babeuf: I am not in the least interested in the casuistic arguments of various assorted mufti and other ulama whether BR1M is technically “rasuah”. Nor I am interested in hearing ineptly point-scoring opposition politicians offer such accusations for them to rebut.
The problem is a different one. The entire far-reaching nation-wide BR1M exercise is not appropriately targeted social welfare where it is most needed. That rationalization will not hold water. BR1M is, and was conceived and intended as, a comprehensive exercise in political management. It has terrible effects.
It creates and promotes, it widens the reach of and further entrenches, the disabling values and passive ethos of a “patronage-based society”. It promotes unfounded notions of entitlement and encourages dependency.
It goes against everything that Malaysia has claimed to stand for, since Vision 2020 and throughout PM Najib Razak’s national transformation agenda.
It cripples, not advances, the cultivation of an active, productive self-reliant and psychologically autonomous citizenry, people and nation. “Berdikari”? I think not.
Aries46: If BR1M is bribery and corruption to gain votes, it translates that some other government aid to help the low-income masses can also be construed as such. It has its pros and cons.
But Malaysians have responded well to this handout despite its paltry sum. People have little option. The incompetency and excesses of the ruling regime, its devastating effect on the economy and cost of living and the resultant hardship on people's livelihood has rendered them voiceless but to take whatever little is thrown their way regardless of its motive and ethics.
So to oppose BR1M as corruption is not politically right. Desperate times brings desperate measures.
Disgusted: BRIM is like charity to a beggar. It is handouts to rakyat to make them dependant on the giver. Instead of creating opportunities for people to be self-sufficient Umno-BN gives handouts of hardworking taxpayers’ money to those who are not working or unwilling to work.
In reality, it is dished out by BN representatives to those who they think will vote for them. No one checks to find out if the really needy receive them.
The people deserving BRIM are those who have lost their breadwinners due to misfortune of sickness or accidents. Many families are unable to sustain themselves due to this reason. Handicapped people living below poverty line should also be in line for such benefits.
At the moment, even well-to-do pensioners and young people with means of living well seem to be exploiting getting BRIM.
We are fast becoming a nation of beggars. Instead of teaching and enabling rakyat to fish, Umno-BN keeps rakyat dependent on them by giving them cash.
NNFC: When it was given out initially at a neighbouring school hall, the officials were wearing BN shirts, and this projected a very false message that the money (BRIM) was from BN.
This by itself is considered a bribe. The money has got invisible strings attached to it.
Legit: BR1M is corruption. It is directly bribing the people to vote for BN. The people who are receiving it are desperate and they see the government giving them money is a great gift and hence they support the BN government.
The BN government is using your and my money to bribe the people. So, for those who do not get BR1M, we end up suckers paying for people who do not deserve it and helping this allegedly corrupt government to continue with its plunder.
Hopeful123: BR1M is corruption alright. Do you think that giving out such handouts will solve the peoples' problems? They are just handouts to appease the people on a very short-term basis.
Look at the way BR1M payment is broken up to relief growing frustration over a given period. A caring government will go all out to improve the economy and bring about long-term solutions by providing jobs.
Demi Rakyat: BRIM is not given with an honest, clean heart and intention - as we say "tak ikhlas". Najib gives out money to buy the people's votes - "I do this for you, and you know what to do." That is in any language corruption.
I Luv Malaysia: During the Soviet dictatorship of Stalin, he came to one meeting with a live chicken. He started to pluck its feathers one by one. The chicken quacked in pain, blood oozing out.
It gave out heart-breaking cries but he continued without remorse plucking feather after feather until the chicken was completely naked.
After that, he threw the chicken on the ground and from his pockets, took out some chicken feed and started to throw it at the poor creature. It started eating and as he walked away, the chicken followed him and sat at his feet feeding from his hand.
Stalin then told his party members, "This chicken represents the people, you must disempower them, brutalise them and leave them. If you do this and then give them peanuts when they are in that helpless and desperate situation, they will blindly follow you for life.

“They will think you are a hero. They will forget that it is you who brought them to that situation in the first place."
Does this sound familiar?- Mkini

MACC division that probed SRC allegedly being downsized

Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission's (MACC) special operations division, which has handled high profile cases related to 1MDB and Felda, is allegedly being downsized.
It is understood the division better known as 'bahagian operasi khas' in Bahasa Malaysia (BOK) was formed less than five years ago to investigate high profile cases involving politicians, or bribes involving amounts over RM1 million.
A source familiar with the development indicated the division responsible for breaking several major cases in the past is being downsized or is facing restructuring.
It is not immediately known whether the move is sanctioned or supported by the new MACC chief commissioner, Dzulkifli Ahmad, the source said on condition of anonymity.
Among the division's cases include SRC International Sdn Bhd, a former 1MDB subsidiary now under the Finance Ministry.
Other cases include the Felda purchase of hotel property in London under present chairperson Isa Samad, and the water infrastructure corruption case in Sabah.
Felda has since been reported cleared of wrongdoing.
It is not immediately known whether the division's downsizing followed its move to investigate SRC International over the RM42 million which was apparently transferred into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's personal account.
Last Dec 5th, the MACC was reported to have questioned Najib for two and a half hours over the SRC case and another RM2.6 billion in the prime minister's accounts, claimed to be donations from the Middle East.

Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali subsequently cleared Najib of any wrongdoing this January.
Whistleblower website Sarawak Report previously reported last August that a portion of the funds from SRC International had allegedly been spent by Najib on renovations to his Jalan Duta home and on anti-ageing hormones.
Malaysiakini is attempting to reach the special operations division head Bahri Mohd Zin and other senior officers for comment.- Mkini

Penjelasan Isu Pengasingan Tempat Duduk Ikut Jantina - Jawapan Kepada Siti Kassim & Kawan-Kawan Non Muslimnya.

Siti Kassim ialah peguam dan juga aktivis yang seringkali dikaitkan dengan pembelaan nasib Orang Asal. Penulis tidak pasti sangat penglibatan Siti Kassim di tempat lain tetapi dia terlalu kerap berbahas isu Orang Asal di Gua Musang, Kelantan.

Sebenarnya pandangan Siti Kassim terhadap apa-apa isu tak pernah penting pada penulis kecuali isu orang asli namun beberapa portal tempatan seringkali pickup pendapat-pendapat Siti Kassim yang diluahkan menerusi medium fb.

Terbaru, Siti Kassim menulis ;

Respon kepada berita ini ;

Meminta sijil perkahwinan bukanlah polisi syarikat. Namun syarikat mengakui memang ada polisi pengasingan tempat duduk lelaki dan wanita. Polisi ini berlaku kerana atas permintaan

Menurut pemilik operator bas, pengasingan tidak dibuat atas nama agama sebaliknya atas faktor keselamatan.

Sebelum ini Malaymail juga melaporkan bagi pasangan yang bertegas ingin duduk bersama mereka perlu mengemukakan sijil nikah. Langkah ini dibuat kerana terdapat pasangan yang kantoi melakukan perbuatan tidak senonoh dalam bas. Selain itu pernah terjadinya ganguan seksual. Oleh kerana itu Transmalaya menetapkan beberapa peraturan iaitu ;

1. Pengasingan tempat duduk lelaki perempuan melainkan mereka ahli keluarga, suami-isteri.

2. Bagi pasangan yang bukan ahli keluarga, suami isteri jika bertegas mahu duduk bersama akan duduk di seat hadapan.

Walaubagaimanapun laporan di atas kemudiannya dinafikan pemilik TransMalaya. Menurut mereka, syarikat tidak pernah meminta sijil nikah ketika menjual tiket bagi menghormati pelanggan namun menerangkan polisi syarikat kepada pelanggan dan setakat ini belum pernah ada pelanggan membuat aduan berkenaan pengasingan tempat duduk lelaki perempuan.

Malahan jika ada pasangan yang mahu duduk bersama pihak syarikat membenarkan atas dasar pasangan tersebut merupakan kenalan / sahabat.

Dan Siti Kassim menentang polisi syarikat tersebut ; 

Bagi Siti Kassim, tindakan itu membayangkan operator bas mahu menjadi polis moral.

Sebenarnya adakah kita bersetuju amalan tak senonoh patut dilakukan dalam bas? Di kawasan awam? Memandangkan perkara tersebut berlaku dalam bas yang dimiliki oleh syarikat tersebut maka jika syarikat tersebut meletakkan beberapa garis panduan bagi memberikan keselesaan kepada para penumpangnya bagaimana ini merupakan satu kesalahan?

Oleh kerana masyarakat bebas memilih pengangkutan yang disukai sudah tentu apa yang dilakukan oleh Transmalaya boleh dianggap tawaran dan pilihan bagi yang mahu kepada perkhidmatan seperti itu.

Orang seperti Siti Kassim tak perlu rasa terpaksa untuk menaiki bas yang mempunyai polisi sebegini. Ia bukan paksaan. Ia adalah pilihan. Ia dikhususkan pada wanita-wanita cantik yang bimbang diraba ketika berada di dalam bas ataupun ketika travel seorang diri. Siti Kassim mungkin tidak berasa terancam. Tetapi bukan bermaksud semua perempuan berasa tidak terancam juga apabila mereka travel sendirian.

Mencegah atau menghalang aksi tak senonoh dalam bas sebenarnya tidakan yang betul. Takan la kat tempat awam pun kau nak beromen bagai. Tolongla. Ini public area la. Kalau pun terdesak sangat takan sampai dalam bas?

Sekali lagi jika Siti Kassim ada masalah dengan peraturan sebegini, dia boleh opt out dari melanggan perkhidmatan bas tersebut. Guna la perkhidmatan lain. Bersepah kot di seluruh Malaysia. You worry not Siti Kassim.

Sebenarnya banyak bas yang membiarkan pelanggan mereka duduk bersama pasangan samada ahli keluarga mahupun bukan dan hanya ada beberapa jenis bas sahaja yang menawarkan perkhidmatan pengasingan tempat duduk atas faktor keselamatan dan ganguan seks. Ia adalah tentang penawaran dan permintaan. Konsep asas perdagangan. Ada orang minta service sebegini. Kot-kot Siti Kassim dan para pengikutnya tak faham la kan.

Ko setuju ko langgan, ko tak setuju lantak ko la. Naiklah bas lain. Bersepah kot pilihan. Nak memekak macam perang dunia ketiga dah kenapa.

Siti Kassim berhak tak setuju tapi kenapa sampai macam neh gayanya ;

Seriously Siti Kassim? Kalau ko tatau konsep ibu susuan tu macam mana pergi la tanya ustaz-ustazah. Ada ke patut berbangang-bangang sebarkan pemahaman salah (kononnya lawak sangat la tu orang dok perlecehkan something dengan babitkan agama bagi tujuan penghinaan) tentang konsep ibu susuan. 

Actually kat komen-komen pun banyak yang memperlecehkan Islam. Kawan-kawan Siti Kassim la juga.

Contoh-contoh non muslim paranoid.

Sikit-sikit nak babitkan Islam ejek Islam. Ini sebab orang-orang macam Siti Kassim. Dia bagi mesej yang salah tentang konsep pengasingan lelaki dan perempuan dalam bas.

Ia adalah tentang keselamatan dan ganguan seks. Juga tentang pilihan dan keselesaan.

Bukan hanya di Malaysia bahkan di beberapa negara, Jepun misalnya juga ada konsep sebegini. Ia adalah untuk melindungi kaum wanita. 

Mungkin orang2 Jepun tak pandai edukasi lelaki-lelaki Jepun gamaknya kalau ikut pemikiran Pachimah.

Siti Kassim patut baca ini juga.

Oleh : Muhammad Musoddiq
Isu bas pengasingan tempat duduk lelaki dan perempuan ni, kadang-kadang aku sangat kelakar dengan beberapa respon orang yang kononnya SJW.
Ada yang kata, lepas ni apa? Kapal terbang? Teksi? Dan lain2? Lagi-lagi jika dia tu perempuan.
Adakah mereka lupa yang wujudnya koc untuk wanita, parking khas untuk wanita, dan berbagai lagi keistimewaan khas untuk wanita? Benda ini diwujudkan untuk keselamatan.
Rakan-rakan wanita saya selalu rasa terancam atau berjaga-jaga sekiranya sebelah tempat duduk dia adalah lelaki. Kadang-kadang rakan saya yang ada pengalaman buruk apabila duduk sebelah lelaki akan membeli dua tempat duduk terus supaya dia tidak duduk di sebelah lelaki.
Hal "it's your choice or my choice" tu, it's your choice untuk pilih lah bas lain juga. Bukannya ada satu bas sahaja sahaja yang destinasinya sama. Nak duduk mana, it's your choice, samalah macam pilih bas tu.
Bas itu wujudkan rule begitu sebab ada demand. Dan demand itu bukan datang daripada kamu. Jika kamu tidak mahu rule itu, bas lain ada. Rule itu khas untuk orang yang mahukan rule itu. Bukannya kamu langsung ada pilihan lain! Ada beza besar antara ruang awam dan private properties yang benarkan orang awam memasukinya.
Ini naik pun tak bas tu, tetapi lebih-lebih macam itulah satu-satunya bas yang dia kena naik.
Lagipun, kita ada banyak benda yang terpaksa ikut rule orang lain apabila masuk ke dalam private properties mereka.
Contoh, tak boleh bawa makanan luar, tak boleh ambil gambar, tak boleh gunakan flash, tak boleh berada selepas pukul 10 malam, tak boleh bawak beg, tak boleh makan, tak boleh minum, dan berbagai-bagai lagi.
Sedangkan jika tempat itu ruang awam, hal ini tiada masalah dan tidak patut dihalang.
Oh ya, aku nak ulang balik quote rakan aku. Quote ni adalah fundamental liberal, dan orang yang selalu mengaku dia tu liberal banyak yang langgar.
"Liberal yang paling ultimate adalah membenarkan orang lain tidak menjadi liberal".

Kerana tiada daya tarikan Siti Kassim merasa dia selamat aje nak ke mana-mana. Tetapi janganla bandingkan semua orang pun macam dia. Banyak lagi kaum wanita di luar sana mempunyai daya tarikan yang mampu mencairkan ahti kaum lelaki tau Siti Kassim. :):):):):)