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Monday, April 30, 2012

Azmin Ali “It’s Voldemort..You Forgot.!”

We have seen the news,read the reports,the videoclippings,saw the tears ,the violence and also heard all the stories which came out of BERSIH 3.0. The world media were informed three days before that Dataran Merdeka is a no,no for the planned 2hours sit down by  the Bersih 3.0  from 2pm to 4pm by the Mayor of DBKL.
An alternative was given for 4 stadiums to be chosen but the chairlady AmbigaSreenevasan said it was too short a time to give out all the notifications. Well, we live in a backward Malaysia anyway as the internet and telecommunications facilities we have are well behind other countries as perceived by Ambiga.
That was really a blow to Malaysians intelligence. But this is even better now. In this report which is in Free Malaysia Today portal this is being said by Azmin Ali and we extract so that no words are missed out,”
Speaking to reporters, Azmin said that his gestures at the time were intended to tell Anwar that he had negotiated with the police about allowing the protesters into Dataran Merdeka.
“You wanted to know what was that exchange? It was so noisy. There was no way for us to communicate. The gesture was [over] me negotiating with the police.”
“My response was that I had negotiated with the police, which I did with Anwar before I came to that location,” he said.
Azmin added that he had met with a “senior police officer “at the barricade, and had tried to get the latter to allow the crowd into Dataran Merdeka.
Admitting that he could not remember the “officer’s” name, he said that the latter allegedly responded: “I have gotten orders [to allow you in].”

WOW! he talked to the senior officer and did not know his name.

Great.!! let me refresh Malaysians.The “officer’ must have escaped from AZKABAN and the officer is also defying court orders which makes him liable to answer to all the mayhem that followed.
Azmin the officer is according to J.K.Rowlings Harry Potter Series is  {drums roll… deng deng deng deng }…..LORD VOLDEMORT….the name that we cannot speak about..
Azmin you know this quote or does this not sound familiar,”You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”


- audie61

Bersih 3 updated

Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division, said Saturday that the Malaysian government had again shown its contempt for basic rights and freedoms.
“Despite all the talk of ‘reform’ over the past year, we’re seeing a repeat of repressive actions by a government that does not hesitate to use force when it feels its prerogatives are challenged,” Mr. Robertson said.......NYT

The message sent out by 300,000 people to the BN is this; stop playing games we are just plain fed up and we shall not take it sitting down anymore this is the last time.

On a very conservative note I'd say there were about 250,000 people in KL well if you account for the rest in Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, East Malaysia and the world over  I'd add another  50,000 or so and say that was a total of 300,000 Malaysians rallying behind the slogan of Bersih 3 to send the message to the government.

It is time to up the ante, there should be a fourth and possibly a fifth  and a sixth  before the elections to get this elections commission to agree  to clean up the rolls and stop meddling.

Now we should also call for the resignation of the chief and his deputy that they have not disclosed they were UMNO members.

A roumer circulating town is that the electoral votes have already been cast, it is but a rumor and I do not intend to spread lies, but we have been used to finding out that rumors these days have more credibility than the official versions given by the governments so what shall we do.

There are about 40,000 discovered phantoms on the voting list, many  constituencies have hardly got 3,000 voters so you can imagine what 40,000 can do, but that is what has been discovered, what about the undiscovered how many hundreds of thousands are there?

The people are getting tired of this government and its antics, just imagine people sitting on the streets of KL in full view of Dataran Merdaka right in the middle of  KL in its busiest parts and all because they were not allowed to sit in the square itself by the mayor?

Do you really believe it was the mayor's call?

Was  he working on instructions?  I'll let you decide.

Wouldn't the dataran have been a more appropriate place than the roads? 

It was the same in Bersih 2 they did not give permission to go to Merdeka Stadium, Hishamuddin had no good reasons and this time around it was him who came out and offered Merdeka Stadium, I have always held that this man is less than intelligent, and now you know why.

Hishamuddin is a   "dog in a manger."

It is very plain,  it was at the eleventh hour that the decision not to allow Bersih the use of Dataran Merdeka was made by the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, this time it was not the Police who normally did piece of the work for BN.  Then the offer of Merdeka Stadium came along.

Had Bersih taken the offer of Merdeka Stadium, the Stadium authorities would have been told to refuse them that, then it would have gone an on till there would be no place. Bersih could not at the eleventh hour play a cat and mouse game with Hishamuddin and the BN, so the plan to stick to Dataran Meerdeka was not changed and it was the right move, they did not fall into the BN trap.

If you were there yesterday the people in the hundreds of thousands were there blocked from entering the Dataran, it was blocked as though it was a war zone, helicopters flying low to monitor the people at the various approaches to the Dataran. All entrances to the Dataran were sealed off with barbed wire on top of the barricades, yes barbed wire,in Dataran Merdeka even during the Indonesian confrontation when a plane load of commandos of the Indonesian army landed in Johore by parachute the security was not so tight, these were Malaysians, not some foreign army, in their own country wanting to sit on their national square, "Independence Square" we call it the Dataran Merdeka, what was the security breach?

Policemen by the thousands, yes by the thousands cordoning off the area surrounding the square, people by the hundreds of thousands sitting on the roads  then suddenly they the police began  moving  out leaving the crowd face to face with the Federal Reserve Unit, was this what the mayor meant when he said, "we are ready?" It looked like they were preparing to intimidate and then attack the crowd.

Even as the ordinary  police ( our mata mata)  were walking out the crowd suspected nothing and the police can testify to this the crowd in Jalan Tun Perak/Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman intersection were chanting Police handsome!! Police Handsome!!! offering a tribute to the Police and as the police left the FRU appeared right in front in the full view of the crowd, extremely intimidating.

It was a hugely intimidating presence of the FRU, the Bell atop one of the Police trucks sounded at about twelve thirty noon just as about a thousand policemen maybe more had marched off the front line in front of those sitting in protest in Jalan Tun Perak, and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman area, people were sitting on the road within a glance of the square which was empty and which was by any measure the  more appropriate place for them to gather but the  Police used the Federal Reserve Unit fully armed to the teeth to handle a riot they were about to create and blame it on others, this was the modus operandi as I saw it.

Ordinary people do not turn violent, but when ordinary people are ridiculed to such extents that they are thought to be plain stupid -  when they were  out there to champion a cause they believe in so much and which is so important to them, their children,and their children's children, they will react and react they did, they did attempt to move into the square the only right place to be in at that time instead of blocking roads, shops and businesses, and to show the authorities now they meant business, and they did, and when this happened it was mayhem, in Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman.

Mayhem in KL created by its Mayor , since he decided to be the scapegoat let us make him just that, let's not mince anything up, he was responsible.

If the people had the dataran, they would  have been overjoyed it would  have overflowed and they'd have returned, but alas that is something this government will never allow, and I'll tell you the reason why.