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Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese leaders slam Ibrahim Ali over white 'ang-pows': Learn some manners and apologize

Chinese leaders slam Ibrahim Ali over white 'ang-pows': Learn some manners and apologize
Chinese leaders from across the political divide have joined the chorus of calls for Perkasa to apologize for giving out 'ang-pows' in white envelopes at a function that was also severely criticised as demeaning and exploitative of senior citizens.
"Ibrahim Ali and gang are Bozos. They have just given their own game away. They are not at all interested in the Chinese and it is very upsetting that they should target the elderly folk. It is sheer exploitation and a real shame for any group that claims to champion racial rights," PKR vice president Chua Jui Meng told Malaysia Chronicle.
“Giving ‘ang pow’ in white envelopes during Chinese New Year, which is meant to be a prosperous and joyful festival, shows that Ibrahim Ali is greatly insensitive and insincere," Gerakan vice- president Mah Siew Keong said in a statement.
Time to learn some manners
To the Chinese, white signifies death and are reserved for funerals, where white candles are lit and contributions to help the bereaved given in white envelopes.
Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali has till now refused to apologize. Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali explained the faux pas was not intentional.
However, the explanation was rejected and further condemned.
“Being a member of parliament and (having been) in politics for so many years, Ibrahim is still so ignorant of the culture of other races, which is why he has kept making a lot of statements without thinking,” said Gerakan's Mah.
"When they want to attract publicity, they rush to announce their CNY do and invite the press. When they make such a glaring mistake, the obvious thing is to apologize but Ibrahim and Perkasa hide behind the excuse of ignorance. But this is an issue of courtesy and respect. It shows they have no respect for the Chinese and are exactly the boorish racists they have been accused of being. They can't even get a simple thing right, and they want to expand their political horizons to include other racial groups. My advice to them is to learn some manners first," slammed Jui Meng.
Malaysia Chronicle

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