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Monday, January 30, 2012

In accusing the Christians, Hasan Ali insults Muslims for being weak and unfaithful

In accusing the Christians, Hasan Ali insults Muslims for being weak and unfaithful
Make no mistake. The time has come for God-fearing Malaysians, whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist, to take heed, stand up and demand that the Umno-led government stops its politics of fear and racial division. And they must jointly make this demand loud and clear to Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has been stirring up all sots of unrest in his quest to maintain his grip on power.
There is absolutely zero hope in expecting a “cool and moderate” Najib Razak to volunteer to tackle the extremist elements in his government or those newly aligned to it, such as former PAS leader Hasan Ali. Najib would never stick his neck out and risk angering the right-wing in his party. Additionally, he is himself not above using such under-handed tactics as he is also part of the Umno chase for power "at all costs" and using "any means" whether fair or foul.
Najib era: Worst-ever racial and religious politicking
Instead of the 'moderate' rule Najib promised, we have seen the worse use of religion and racism in order to maintain his party's grip on the government. Not only is Umno's sister-organization Perkasa allowed free reign to sputter any and all forms of racist comments under the sun, Najib and Umno appear to have given the green light to new 'transfer' - Hasan Ali.
Otherwise, the former PAS Selangor Islamic affairs executive councillor would have surely been slapped with a sedition charge and the police would have already paid him a 'courtesy' visit. But apparently under 'protection', Hasan Ali made so bold as to claim that Christian ministers have resorted to handing out electronic gadgets, and even disguising themselves by wearing the kopiah (or Muslim skullcap) to mosques in their efforts to convert Muslims to Christianity.
Hasan, who is also the Gombak Setia assemblyman, was sacked from PAS and the Selangor state government earlier this month. He told an anti-apostasy rally in Kepala Batas, Penang over the weekend that Muslims in the country were vulnerable to these methods due to their lack of faith.
Hearsay without proof and yet Hasan Ali can say it with impunity
Three main issues immediately stand out from Hasan Ali’s comments. The first two are insults to both the Christian and Muslim communities in Malaysia. A third element in his statement should ring alarm bells for believers of all the various faith in Malaysia.
Firstly, Hasan Ali’s assertion that Christians are a threat to Muslim Malaysia mirrors the calls by another Ali - Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa. “There were reports of foreign Christian ministers wearing Muslim skullcaps and attending prayers at a certain mosque in Petaling Jaya to establish a communal relationship with Muslims before converting them. I was told these international Christian groups have unlimited funds,” he told a crowd of about 2,000 in Penang, a tenth of Himpunan Sejuta Umat’s (Himpun) targeted 20,000 attendess.
Cut through the bunch of words, Hasan Ali was merely repeating hearsay - reports that he heard, reports that others passed on to him. Hasan Ali has yet to produce any significant amount of proof that will stand the test of public opinion, let alone in a court of law. Where is the concrete evidence of your claims, Hasan Ali, or are you merely lying to mislead Muslims in Malaysia?
Hence, Hasan Ali should be treated as little better than a gossip and his assumptions no more than old-wives tales. Gossip that has no basis. Tales that lies designed to attract the attention of politicians looking for a convenient means to scare the Malay electorate into voting for Umno. And if Hasan had managed to spark off Muslim interest, instead of attracting a mere 2,000 crowd, Malaysians can be sure that Umno would only be too happy to help fabricate evidence and create scape-goats to give shape to Hasan's delusions.
Umno has been a poor guardian of the Islamic faith
Secondly, why is Hasan Ali also saying that Muslims are loosing out to the “unlimited funds” of a band of Christian ministers? Umno has been in power for 54 years and has in its control the wealth of the entire country. How can a band of Christian ministers be richer, does it make sense? Does it not only show Umno has been such a poor guardian of the Islamic faith that after 54 years, it has spent and invested so little on Muslims and Muslim infrastructure that a mere band of Christian ministers could gather enough funds to rock the Muslims in Malaysia of their faith!
Indeed, the premise that it is due to the wealth of the Christians that Muslims are flocking away from Islam is most pathetic. It only shows how low an opinion Hasan and Umno have of their own fellow Muslims. How weak the faith of the Muslims in Malaysia must be that they can change their minds so easily over a few electronic gadgets.
Funds set aside for the Muslim agencies also siphoned off?
Really, it looks like the money allocated for the education and expansion of Islam in Malaysia has been in vain - siphoned and creamed off by corrupt officials as in other agencies.
Remember, the money allocated for Islamic bodies in Malaysia comes from the nation’s budget, which is fueled by tax-payers' contributions. And a huge amount of that money comes from non-Muslims! What a slap in the face for the Christians to have their own money used to fund programs such as Hasan Ali's Himpun, which ultimately aims to marginalize their existence and faith.
Say what you will, the fact is Muslims owe their existence and strength in part to funding that comes from non-Muslims. But do you have non-Muslims complaining about this? Who else except Hasan Ali and Ibrahim Ali have been ill-bred enough to trample over the other faiths?
Additionally, Hasan Ali insults the intelligence and integrity of well-meaning Muslims by insisting that their minds are so weak their faith can be shaken by the mere sight of skull-cap wearing Christian ministers distributing electronic gadgets. In making such comments, the bunglers Hasan Ali and Ibrahim Ali may not realize it, but they are in essence saying the Umno-led government has failed at educating and strengthening the Islamic faith in Malaysia.
Telling the Malays that they are weak-minded and unfaithful
Thirdly, in continuing to tell fairy-tales of Christians converting Muslims with outlandish gadgets, Hasan Ali is also implying that anyone can turn a Muslim off his faith - not just the Christians! What if a Hindu or a Buddhist wore a skull-cap and distributed electronic devices, would not the result be the same? Why not go after the other faiths and zoom in only on the Christians? Because only the Christians did it - where is the proof then?
In effect, Hasan Ali has actually set the stage to attack the other faiths as well. What he is saying is any non-Muslim would have the potential to be a bogeyman to scare the Muslims. Such speech speaks ill of Malaysia, Malaysians, Malays and Muslims in particular. Not only are they weak in their minds, they are not responsible for themselves and need the government to police the other races and faiths on their behalf - only then can they stay true to Islam!
Hasan Ali is not only destructive to the racial unity and harmony of Malaysia and should be roped in by the Najib administration, he should be called to explain his words to the Muslim and Malay communities for the insults he has leveled at them - for being weak-minded, easily influenced, easily duped and unable to be responsible for their own actions and thoughts.
Yet, the ‘moderate’ government of Najib Razak is intentionally allowing extreme elements like Hasan Ali to thrive. Why? So they can play the good cop role. And this is why not just the non-Muslims but also the Muslims and the Malays themselves should awaken from their beauty sleep, see for themselves the true nature of their so-called champions who don't care a toss what happens to their race or religion so long as they get to continue to plunder the nation's wealth and shop around the world for the most expensive toys and properties. This is what the word amoral - mind and soul - truly means.
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