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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MCA's 'White' Chinese New Year

MCA arranged and Perkasa nailed it! Compulsive attention seeker, Ibrahim Ali, and his gang of senseless and at times comical Perkasa members had caused another ruckus. This time, they had forked out almost RM10k only to court another controversy because the money was distributed in white envelopes. Netizens had criticized the act as an insult to the Chinese because the only time a white envelope is used is during bereavement.

MCA Seputeh division committee member Collin Tiew, who had arranged for more than 50 people to attend the Perkasa's CNY open house, claimed that he was victimized after he was criticized for playing a part in the Perkasa's event.

Tiew claimed that he did not know Ibrahim Ali before the event was surprisingly asked to help translate Ibrahim's speech during the event. Tiew said he was upset with the white packet but did nothing to advice or stop Ibrahim Ali from distributing them during the event.

Yes, unbelievable! My experience of working with so many politicians told me that a lack of integrity is common.

This incident is another proof that MCA has lost the plot. The party has been on the offensive against Dap for working with Pas to install an Islamic nation but the party has no qualm working with the racist and ultra Perkasa.

Perkasa's stand on a number of issues which included wild and baseless allegations against the Chinese community and Christians has angered many people, especially the Chinese community but the party which has been vocal against Pas and the latter's ambition to install the Hudud law.

The party has been critical against Dap working with Pas in Pakatan but has largely kept very quiet when section of UMNO and Pas have been mooting a unification of the Malay political forces. If MCA is vary of Pas, it should have reacted with the same contempt against UMNO's intention to work with Pas. Can MCA assure us that the UMNO-Pas partnership does not have an Islamic state ambition and Hudud will not be implemented?

What MCA needed is consistency and a political backbone if the party is serious of rebounding as a political force to be reckoned with. Playing with the fear of the community against the Hudud law is ill conceived and poorly executed.

Hudud does not hurt the innocent. We are being badly affected by immense corruption, racists and ultra politicians, journalists and academics which have no qualm or respect for Malaysia's multiracial society and fabric.

If MCA truly represents the Chinese community, it should have gone down to the ground to listen to the community grouses, fear and needs and not trying to play with communal and religious fire. It should be brave enough to tell those unscrupulous politicians in its coalition to stop abuse of power, corruption and poor governance.

An MCA trying to instill fear to push the community to vote them may eventually face the full brunt for its own lack of political acumen. Who cares if MCA ended up with no representation in the government if the party is good for nothing? 

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