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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When Actions Betray The Intention

The Perkasa fiasco of handing out 'white' ang pows during Chinese New Year to the old folks clearly speak of the real intention of the organisation in claiming it is not racists and fighting for everyone.

The excuse of running out of red ang pows is a lame one. Were they handing out so much money that they ran short of ang pows? Even if one has no red ang pows, sensitivity, if they even bothered to check or respect, would dictate, you don't hand them white envelopes like wanting the ole folks to quickly kick the bucket?

Is this act a sign of growing bigotry, arrogance and the 'ketuanan' attitude where only one race, culture, religion or even sensitivity must be respected over the others?

It's ironical, or does this word even exist with Perkasa, that they are trying so hard to show they are not racists and respect other people's rights, their actions many times betray their intentions.

The old or rather those who understand and respect traditions are lamenting that the younger generation are losing interest in the traditional elements of cultural or religious festivities. Taboos are no longer considered angering the Gods or reducing one's prosperity or luck the coming year.

It is a tradition that the female sex are not allowed to touch the lion's head. These days such taboos are long lost and the lion head has been 'raped' or rather molested by millions of hands and folks who want to pose with a piece of tradition.

There was even a suggestion for the lion dance troupe to do the shuffle or flashmob to keep with times huh? What's next ask the lion dance troupe to do breakdance or one of those Super Junior, KPop or Lady Gaga groove moves?

Remember an occasion when the advice was to place a New Year's Greeting Banner at the main front door. And whether due to the naivety or ignorance or plain stupidity, sure enough this Chinese girl put the banner at a door but it was the washroom's door. When asked how it landed there, the answer was 'You said it should be placed at the door, so I did it!' Perhaps she thought it was good to prevent the gold coloured substance that constituted abundance golden wealth and prosperity from being flushed down the toilet eh?

Let us hope Chinese New Year doesn't become like the Christian's Christmas where the real spirit and meaning have been totally lost with jolly Santa, Santarinas and reindeer! But come to think of it, did hear the CNY greeting to the tune of Jingle Bells! So don't be surprised next year the cherry blossom has snow on it!

Back to our Perkasa, it is really humiliating to trample on such sensitivities. But then again, they are used to conjuring all kinds of insensitivity and do very silly juvenile things. So is this act of further humiliation a part of their litany of ready made insults and humiliation to prove they got the power because they are the 'ketuanan' group?

Well, some will say, it doesn't matter as the thought is what counts and also the value of the gift. Who bothers about the package right?  What if the thought is a thoughtless act, perhaps a deliberate one than one out of scarcity of ang pows? If you know it contained say RM1k would you reject it?

By accepting it, the old folks must be so shell shocked to react. Some may thing that it shows how weak we are or the Chinese? that when it comes to money, tradition, principles etc has a price. The old folks is giving the impression that money is more valuable than tradition and for a price, they would likely sell their love ones, no? Or don't mind taking the money, enjoy it before they kick the bucket?

'At least they got the money whatever the colour of the ang pow. After all, our fellow did express the genuine intention in distributing the money right," a friend said this morning.

It's just bad taste, disrespectful and I'd not accept the gift in white envelope. It's humiliating and disgusting. It's a slap to my culture. If such principles don't seem a valid reason to feel annoyed and angry, then the Chinese are to be blamed if their culture continue to be trampled upon and they bear the stigma of 'there is a price on a Chinaman, just show the money, and he'd sell his principles huh?

So to our ang pow giver, it's a shameful act you have done whatever reason you make it's never a valid reason. It's not hypocritical for all of us to feel disgusted, however noble the intention is. Simply because the action betrays the intention. This action serves only to vindicate those who are skeptical of Perkasa of being the protector of BolehLand folks.

Wonder if during Hari Raya, the duit Raya is given in ang pow package by MCA or Pakatan fellows, our Perkasa fellows would unsheathe their Keris Taming Sari, whether real or legendary doesn't matter as long as it draws blood huh?

But life in BolehLand is such that one can read anything into this act. To the optimist it is perhaps a sign of the demise of the party our Perkasa fellows are linked with eh? So it's not to suggest the ole folks will die anytime this year of the Dragon. It may be an omen that this year, an ole party will  meet its demise if it called for an early election, being drowned by the water Dragon, eh? - YAHMEH!!!

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