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Monday, January 30, 2012

Ibrahim Ali's "after-life" ang pow

To say this lard does not know a little bit about Chinese customs and sensitivities is wrong. And to say he does not know that 'red' to Chinese denotes'auspicious' is totally unacceptable. In fact this fat mass of protoplasm know as Ibrahim Ali must have deliberately insisted on 'white' ang-pows with RM10 inserted to be given out to ignorant old folks from nursing homes in the Cheras area. ( readhere )

To the Chinese donations in cash are inserted into white envelopes only at funerals. How can this idiotic fellow not know about that ? Most Malaysian are surely aware and sensible enough to understand the do's and don'ts of another's customs, cultures, religions and taboos in order to claim as educated, no ?

So what has Najib been teaching his goons all along with his hollow 1Malaysia crap ?? Should not such subjects about learning and respecting your neighbours' custom, religion and tradition be taught in schools and in other racists "supremacy"programs like BTN and NS ?? Who's to be blamed for this Perkasa mutt Ibrahim's ignorance, deliberate or otherwise ?

I also strongly suspect this 'froggie' and most favoured disciple of that "father of all racists" the Tun, would have been toying with the idea of adding a billion dollars in Hell Bank notes along with his RM10 into that white ang-pow, don't you ?

By the way no Chinese New Year dinner is complete without a pork dish, just as no
Hari Raya dinner is complete without beef dish, a Deepavali dinner complete without a mutton dish, or a Christmas dinner without some wine or alcohol, no ?

But we Malaysians are always more concern of our"neighbours" sensitivities and comfort and sometimes go over-board in pleasing our guests, right ?

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