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Sunday, January 29, 2012

PM Hj Najib threatens to unleash militia against the people

The Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak recently issued an open stern warning to would-be demonstrators, dissidents and opposition parties saying that the paramilitary People's Volunteer Corps (Rela)was ready to defend the country from turmoil.

It seems that Najib and Umno is now relying on the Rela to defend not the country but the party, BN and its federal government so that they could continue holding Putrajaya even if the party is defeated in the next general elections.

So Najib, are your plans include equip Rela with the most sophisticated weapons like M16 rifles, AK47 automatic rifles, hand grenades , C4 explosives, tanks and whatsoever which could do to kill of the opposition force and democracy in this country?

We challenge you to name the best equipment that you are planning to provide this militia force to "defend" the country at all costs.

According to Najib, "Do not cause havoc in this country because the 2.8 million Rela members will not stand idly by and watch the country descend into chaos". Wow, you have 2.8 million of Rela members? First of all, who causes all those havoc in this country? Who causes the racial and religious tensions in this country? Who threatened the entire nation with bloodshed and fire to burn Kuala Lumpur? Who threatened our Malaysians with mass murder and ethnic cleansing?

Well, just look at the race-based political party that you are leading. You are leading and inspiring them. You let them go on with all those bullying, threats, revenge, demonstrations, the "mat rempits", the so-called "block the Penang Bridge" rally last year, your coup d'etat in Perak, your attempt to overthrow the Selangor and Penang state governments by force, you demolished Hindu temples, blowing up the Christian churches, confiscating the Christian bibles and disfiguring in large number, preventing other religions from practicing their faiths, all these havocs, Umno created them and when the people rise against you, instead you say these people who are creating havoc.

Najib is just like his father Tun Abdul Razak, the second prime minister who had taken over from Tunku Abdul Rahman via a coup d'etat in 13 Mei 1969 when Abdul Razak instigated a band of Umno extremists and radicals to take up arms against the people who had voted for the opposition parties in the 1969 general elections. And when the riots broke out eventually, Abdul Razak deliberately blamed the oppositions for causing the havoc in the entire nation.

Look! Our people are defenseless. They do not have any weapons, guns or even an army but only with their bare hands and legs, their mouths and their ability to pen down their dissents in words in newspapers, online news portals, blogs and so on. The people are indeed defenseless and yet they are willing to sacrifice their life to defend democracy, freedom and human rights, defend against those racists, extremists and radicals who are out there to threaten revenge and to harm our innocent people, our families, our children, our friends, our national unity and the constitution.

So, can all these law enforcing militias go after all those actual havoc creators who are hiding behind the government walls? Your integrity and professionalism is at risk. Be aware that, just because of Umno, the police force has been badly tainted.

As such, they now wanted to make use of Rela, as Umno, Perkasa, Pekida and Himpun members had by now already been infiltrated in large numbers into the militia. They are being militarily trained and only waiting to be armed anytime and will be unleashed to crush the opposition coalition and the people whenever they want, even to the extend of killing the democratic institution of our country.

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