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Monday, January 30, 2012

Taking a leaf from Ibrahim Ali, Klu Klax Klan may organize a party for old Black people!

Taking a leaf from Ibrahim Ali, Klu Klax Klan may organize a party for old Black people!
SATIRE The KKK has announced that it may organize a party for old Black people on Martin Luther King’s Day. This is to prove that they are not a racist organization. To ensure attendance, the KKK will invite Black residents of old folks homes who are too ill or destitute to care who feeds them. Or they are so lonely and get so few visits from their relatives that a day out is a day out, no matter who organizes it.
According to the KKK’s Grand Wizard, Will Lynchu, they were inspired to this idea by Perkasa, a Malaysian organization generally considered to be racist, that over the weekend held a Chinese New Year Open House for Chinese Malaysians.
Nevertheless, Mr.Lynchu hastened to note that borrowing Perkasa’s ideas does not in any way affiliate the two organizations as they (Perkasa) are still “a bunch of niggers”.
Ibrahim Ali wishing the Chinese a good death!
Meanwhile, Perkasa’s Supreme Leader, Ibrahim Ali, in a press conference noted that he handed out RM10,000 in ‘Ang Pows’. Curiously they were all given out in white packets in contrast to the Chinese custom of using red packets.
It's quite a difference, since one color denotes prosperity and the other, death. At funerals, the Chinese contribute small donations to the bereaved with cash inside white envelopes to denote sorrow and grief.
Perkasa is either stupidly ignorant or is sending an unsettling message to Chinese Malaysians. So was Ibrahim wishing the Chinese well, or was he wishing them death?
30% and the Constitution
The world may never know the truth, but to be sure, he milked every last cent of the RM10,000 Perkasa spent on publicizing the event, Ibrahim Ali rushed to hammer in the message he was not racist but fought for all Malaysians.
The Perkasa chief insisted that the 30 per cent quota for Malays and Bumiputeras remains in place as they were still lagging behind economically. In the same breath, he vowed Perkasa would defend to death the Constitution. What a funny fellow because 30 per cent is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution!
“Perkasa is not racist, but we are an organisation that fights for the unity of all Malaysians. We are defending the Constitution, just as Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tan Cheng Lock, and V. Sambathan did,” Ibrahim told the 300-odd crowd of mostly elderly Chinese.
Did someone forget to bring the gas?
Meanwhile, the very recently set-up Kuala Lumpur based SEHOCP (Society against Exploitation of Helpless Old Chinese People) has condemned the blatant exploitation of these helpless citizens by Perkasa for vulgar propaganda purposes.
Perkasa, they declared, was scraping the bottom of the barrel by taking advantage of the weakest of our citizens.
Some Perkasa members also expressed confusion about the whole business as they had thought the grand finale would have been to gas all their guests. Besides, why give money to the Chinese, who were “all already rich”.
As for the senior citizens, those who were interviewed had either never heard of Perkasa, did not care, or, in several cases, had got on the bus thinking they were going to the zoo.
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