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22 May 2024

Monday, January 30, 2012

White ang-pows: MCA a worse disgrace than Ibrahim Ali for helping to organise event

White ang-pows: MCA a worse disgrace than Ibrahim Ali for helping to organise event
THIS Ibrahim “Perkasa” Ali is a disgrace to his family, Malays, Muslims and Islam.
He has disgraced his community who are generally courteous and peace loving people.
By giving out white “death” envelopes during the Chinese New Year is the antic of a being born out of the cesspool.
And the Barisan Nasional government (including MCA) is tolerating this utterly seditious act, likewise the running dog police force. For those unaware, the Perkasa Chinese New Year Open House was organised with the help and blessings of MCA.
In cahoots
I cannot imagine the consequences if a Chinese non-governmental organisation had, say, behaved so openly and arrogantly as Perkasa and placed a coffin or pig head in the compound of a mosque during Hari Raya.
Why then are the police not taking any action when it is clearly such a seditious behaviour, aimed at insulting the Chinese and stirring emotions? Clearly, Umno is behind Perkasa and, therefore, Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali are above the law.
The police will only act when Umno gives the green light, can it? You can therefore expect much worse than this from this disgraceful Malay and the pits for him is bottomless, so to speak.
Too far this time
This political and racist opportunist Ibrahim Frog has gone too far this time.
Thus BN and Umno have also gone too far in its bid to project themselves as ultra Malays or ultra Muslims, just to hang on to power with the ultra Malay votes. Hanging on to power to continue to clean up the gravy train.
Come next general election, only true Malaysians (those who can openly and proudly say ‘I am Malaysian First, Race Second) and God can save 1Malaysia.
Jackson Ng is a retired journalist

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