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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Justice of Peace
Chairman – Social Care Foundation
31st Jan 2012    

1. In the last few weeks, I have openly condemned the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency’s (MACC) inaction over the NFC Scandal and the blazen shameless admission of acceptance of gratification by Awang Adek. Since then, Malaysians have witnessed another “rejected” Minister, Azalina Othman Said, making a similar admission.

2. It seems that instead of being embarrassed, apologetic and standing down from public office, these shameless BN ministers are being emboldened to use the propaganda tools of their party and the mainstream media to make their misconducts look innocent. Like most Malaysians, I am appalled and find this most repulsive.

3. My call for Shahrizat and Awang Adek to resign from all posts in the party and the government is exactly to prevent what is happening now. I knew they would use all their resources to spin fabulous stories of how they have been victimized and how the whole fiasco is a misunderstanding.

4. You can clearly see that happening when Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali comes to Shahrizat’s defence and tries to make the Auditor-General a political scapegoat. You then see the jantan minister Nazri Aziz explaining why there cannot be a public declaration of assets by those holding high public office. To make it appear that the Chinese community also share this “aspiration” for secrecy, Nazri’s deputy, VK Liew, echoes his boss’s sentiments by saying that that it is inappropriate for the MACC to keep records of properties of ministers and deputy ministers.

5. That to me amounts to abusing the 1Malysia concept to cover up for wrong doings by government leaders. That is against the Islamic principles of “Amr Ma’aruf Nahy Mungkar” i.e. encourage righteousness and discourage evil. That it is done by the highest echelons of our government leaders is public display of arrogance of the highest order.

6. Let us remind ourselves that Teoh Beng Hock died over allegations of a mere RM 2,400/-. Ahmad Sarbaini died because of similar minor allegations which until today have just gone silent. Yet, when the riches of the powerful are involved, the MACC either drag its feet or behave like eunuchs emasculated of all their powers. I ask the MACC – why the discrimination?

7. But I cannot stomach it if so called Chinese leaders like VK Liew speaks with a forked tongue just to please his political masters. Let me say this to VK Liew - “IF YOU HAVE TO FART, PLEASE DO IT IN THE COMFORT AND PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME. IF YOU HAVE MUCH TO HIDE, THEN QUIT”

8. It is on record and for reasons best known to MACC, they had acted in a very high handed manner against Lawyer Rosli Dahlan in asking him to declare his assets whereas he had never even served in any public office. He had been a private practitioner all along and despite his innocence, he was humiliated, abused and charged just because he acted professionally to defend his client. Yet, we now have a senior UMNO Minister and his Chinese deputy saying that MACC cannot be entitled to keep records of Ministers’ wealth. What is it that these UMNO and BN Chinese leaders so afraid of in making and open declaration of their wealth if all their accumulated wealth are legitimate?

9. I wish to remind VK Liew that he is elected by the people to serve in public office and his salary comes from law-abiding taxpayers.The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) president is therefore accountable to the people at all times and can be made answerable the MACC when needed. If you have nothing to hide or what the Chinese would say, “Something that cannot see the daylight”, then what is there to fear?

10. As a former MACC advisory panel member, I fully support MACC Advisory Panel Chairman, Zaitun Zawiyah Puteh, over the commission’s proposal to the government as follows:

a) to obtain a copy of the declaration of assets of Cabinet members and their spouses and other family members;

b) that a copy of the declaration of assets of all members of the federal administration be given to the commission;

c) that their spouses and other family members be required to disclose their assets through a statutory declaration and a record of it be kept by the MACC.

11. It is most appropriate for MACC to know the assets of all who hold high public office. That is what accountability and transparency is about in the public sector. Liew is, therefore, seriously flawed in his argument that MACC’s main role is only to receive and investigate complaints on corruption in the country.

12. To be an effective enforcement agency, the MACC must have reliable records to enable it to gather reliable and solid evidence for a successful prosecution. If Liew, cannot understand such basic logic in the fight against corruption, it is time for him to step down or for the people to elect another more intelligent leader.


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