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Monday, January 30, 2012


Yesterday, we had THE village idiot distributing white envelopes instead of red and we never heard even a squeak from the avowed champions of the Chinese porn star and the “hood”less, (read seedless) one from Penang….. MCA and Gerakan lah if some of you still want to forget. And we heard Jib Gor report that 60,000 Chinese gathered at Sitiawan in support of the guy who wanted to dip his keris in Chinese blood. For a free meal, those 60,000 chink and chinkess will seal their lips and conveniently cannot remember a thing.
I am just wondering…..is there a concerted movement afoot to chip away at Jib Boy’s 1Malaysia papier-mâché colossus?
I just received the pic below from the delectable Rehan who asked,

“Satu Malaysia, uncle?”
………….accompanied by the Deputy Mayor of Jalan Changkat Simon D who commented:
“So this means Malay golfers welcome. Others (Mat Salleh? Who exactly are 'Others'?) are not so welcome. Chinese, even less welcome. Indians not welcome at all. Good to see the rule of law applied evenly!?! Can only assume that they have plenty of Indian golfers at this club and don't need any more.....”
My friends in KGNS say that the President is giving back KGNS to the Government!
I waited for more than 10 years and when they found that I was fit to join KGNS, I threw that OK letter back at them because I heard that there was a move to ban beer at the golfers terrace and the entrance fee had escalated and also I was given enough evidence that some leap frogged over many of us on the waiting list.
Thank God, we don’t have this stupid chauvinism in the PUBS. In all our watering holes, all races, YES ALL RACES mix irrespective if you are gays, lesbians, transvestites, cross-dressers, UMNO, PAS, DAP, PKR, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, East Malaysians, Legal and Illegal immigrants…..making up a potpourri of cocktails that can give the finger to the deformed 1Malaysia.

Lancheow to racists Clubs!
Come to the Pubs!

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