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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ibrahim Ali dishes out RM10,000 in white 'ang pow'

More than 300 senior citizens and residents received a boon at Perkasa's first Chinese New Year open house today as close to RM10,000 was handed out.

Leaders of the right-wing Malay pressure group handed out the season’s ang pows in uncharacteristic white envelopes, even if in Chinese tradition white packets are reserved for funerals.
perkasa open house 290112 ibrahim ali 3And when the envelopes ran out, they directly dished out the cash.
A slight commotion broke out amongst the attendees as they rushed for the handouts.
Kampung Baru residents who heard that ang pows were being distributed also made their way to Kelab Sultan Sulaiman where the open house was held.
Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali in official uniform and deputy chief Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar in traditional red Chinese attire with the Chinese character ‘dragon’ in gold emblazoned on it, were seen going from table to table dishing out the RM10 white ang pows.
‘No ill meaning intended'

Asked about the taboo envelopes, Ibrahim urged the attendees not to misunderstand.

"Don't think like that, it's just white envelopes, we didn't mean anything (bad)," he said.

Perkasa cny event grabbing at angpowAddressing the mostly Chinese crowd, Ibrahim declared that the event it hosted at Kampung Baru today, which was its first ever Chinese New Year open house, was evidence that Perkasa is not a racist organisation.

"All this while accusations have been levelled at us, but today proves that Perkasa is not racist, we fight for unity," he said, chanting "1Malaysia" three times, with the crowd following suit.
Also lending support to Ibrahim was the founder and president of the Insan Welfare Society for Brain-Injured Children, Collin Tiew.
He said, "We are pleased with this celebration and we understand that Perkasa is an organisation that fights for all races and not only for a single race."

‘I know angpow, not Perkasa'

One of the attendees, Boo Ah May from Cheras, said she had turned up because she heard that there were ang pows and hampers being given out.

"I don't know who organised this, I don't know about Perkasa or that their statements have hurt the Chinese feelings," she said.

perkasa open house 290112 ibrahim aliAnother attendee, Fong Ah Yon, said he was disappointed that there were no hampers but he, too, did not know about Perkasa.

When asked about Perkasa's previous statements targeting the Chinese community, he replied: "It's already in the past."

Lorry driver Ricky Tee said he was unaware who had organised the open house but had no problem when he found out that it was Perkasa.

"I've read about Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali and his statements hurt me as a Chinese, But if Malays can forgive and forget during Hari Raya, then I can let it go as well," he said.

Several senior citizens from welfare homes were also ferried to the open house.

Asked later about many attendees being oblivious about Perkasa, Ibrahim said it was understandable as most of them were elderly.

"Most of them are senior citizens, but their leaders who came understand. Even I was surprised when I shook hands with the old men. They said 'how are you Datuk Ibrahim'... They said they know me and have seen me in the papers," he said.

He added that the event was put together from funds contributed from all Perkasa committee members and its deputy president had contributed the RM10,000 for ang pows.

"I was surprised that so many turned out, it exceeded our expectations, even the ang pows were not enough and we had to add more food," he said.

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