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Monday, January 30, 2012

Its Rosmah's turn - "Designing the Truth."

CAPTION ME: When Rosmah met Michelle.
Image by qwazymonkey via Flickr
Is Rosamh Mansor a victim or, are all Malaysians victims of this continuous programme of "Designing the Truth," by UMNO and the government of the day?

Yes, "Designing the truth," how true and appropriately put by the Sydney Herald, that is the sub heading under which you'd find the comments on this story about Rosmah's alleged, "lavish A$100,000 (approximately MYR 322329.70 ) spending spree" in Sydney.

Rosmah's immediate reaction was one of denial, claiming that the report was all "rubbish" and it was, ''wildly exaggerated' and she was a ''victim'' adding that Kapp (the designer whom she had gone to make her purchases) would be issuing a statement on the affair.

Kapp is the designer who is caught smack right in the middle of this whole story.

The story first appeared in respected Australian fashion journalist Patty Huntington's Frockwriter website after Kapp's Sydney publicity firm, Little Hero, pitched the story to Huntington, along with two other media outlets. So this story had been pitched and publicised before it was picked up by PS the reporter from the SMH.

It is reported that, "When PS called, Kapp was only too happy to talk about FLOM, even posing for a photo having already crowed about his new VIP muse on his Facebook page, though it was mysteriously deleted" once Rosmah issued her denials saying, "Kapp would be issuing a statement' "

(Notice how things mysteriously disappear, including some immigration records here in .)

PS also reports that Rosamh was introduced to Kapp on New Year's eve as the First lady of Malaysia.

PS managed to get hold of Kapp's official statement.

He denied being flown to Malaysia in coming weeks specifically to fit FLOM for her ''massive'' order of 61 garments, for which she paid up front and PS alleges that that is exactly what he Kapp had told him initially. Yet it is reported that Kapp told PS '' she is flying me to Malaysia for fittings in February''.

He would not disclose the the exact value for her alleged massive order of 61 garments but did not dispute the sum of AUS$ 100,000 or MYR 322329.70.
Now that is a huge sum for a lady trying to teach her fellow Malaysians how to be thrifty in troubled times as her husband increases the price of petrol, sugar and many other essentials.
There was the huge diamond ring episode in which allegations were made which our plastic Rose rubbished, and yet she refused to take anyone to task, why did she not sue?
Then there were the handbags again there was no reaction, every time it's the Court jester Nazri who comes out to make a statement.

All these allegations question the behaviour of the Prime Minsiter and his wife, and their refusal to come out and take the bull by its horns and clear the air by suing those responsible places a lot of doubt about the integrity of the highest office in the land, that of the Prime Minisiter Najib Tun Razak.

The fact that the story appeared on Kapp's blog and was later removed gives credence to the subheading in which this story can be found, "Designing the truth," how often and for that matter when will it stop this designing of the truth.

If it is not the truth sue the SMH and the reporter PS and all involved, you can only sue them in Australia and if you win we are behind you.
It's time the PM and his wife take that challenge and restore the dignity and integrity so lacking in the office of the PM instead of using clowns making sex allegations against Anwar.

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