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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hasan Ali's Jati the ultimate proof Umno has failed Islam, the Malays and the Sultans

Hasan Ali's Jati the ultimate proof Umno has failed Islam, the Malays and the Sultans
Do Malays really need another champion to stand by them or to fight for their cause? Already crowded with the likes of Perkida and Perkasa and not to forget UMNO, sacked PAS leader Hasan Ali has to jump into the pool with his own start-up called Jati, with a logo that some say looks suspiciously like the numbers “666” - widely attributed as the number of the devil.
And what are Jati’s ethos?
Islam, Malays and the Rulers. As simple as that? But in specifically fighting for the cause of Islam, Malays and Rulers, is Hasan Ali inferring that the three are weak in Malaysia? Are not all these things already protected and enshrined in the Federal Constitution? This grand document that is the highest document in Malaysia has already been amended countless times by an UMNO-BN government to meet its whims and fancies, and still Malaysia needs the likes of Jati to fight for the Malay cause?
Is Hasan Ali dreaming or does he want everything under the Malaysian sky to belong to him and him alone? Seriously, whatever has happened to the other groups in Malaysia? Like Tengku Razaleigh recent said, where have all the non-Malays gone? There is hardly a Chinese or Indian face you can spot in the civil service, the police and armed forces anymore.
So much money spent and yet so faithless still?
It is an insult to Muslims in Malaysia that Hasan Ali keeps on harping on the myth that they can easily be turned away from their faith by solar powered electronic gadgets. This is especially so in the light of the huge amount of public funding and policies set in place by the BN government that has held court since independence. We have an education system that ensures schools maintain strict religious teachings be given to Muslim children, we have constant reminders given to Muslims that Islam is the prevailing religion in Malaysia.
In every aspect of life, we can trace a need to instil Islamic governance and influence and that includes over matters like Forex trading and dancing the Poco-poco. But have Muslims always been as possessive, even obsessive, like this? It has to be noted that the Islamization of Malaysia began in the late 1980s, when Mahathir Mohamed - in a bid to counter PAS' Islamic stance - allowed extremist teachings to gain a foothold in the nation. It was then that a tussle began to prove who was more Islamic - UMNO or PAS. And now wannabes including Perkasa and Jati want to form a second line of support for UMNO. But the truth of the matter is that the real enemy of the Muslims in Malaysia is not PAS - it is politics.
Can Hasan Ali say with conviction that the setting up of Jati has got nothing to do with politics and his grudge against PAS?  What affirmative action will Jati take to strengthen the Malays? This is odd in the face of all the programs set in place by UMNO-BN. It is to say that the UMNO-BN government has not done enough for the Malays. Foolish UMNO is slapping itself in the face by encouraging Hassan. It is showing itself to be incompetent and needs to send an SOS for help to counter PAS.
Is Jati not highlighting UMNO's failure
If Jati has a bone to pick, with regards to the state of the Malays, then it should take up its case with UMNO. Yes, go through UMNO. For it is UMNO which insists it has been championing the case for the Malays all these decades.. If UMNO with all its control of the BN majority in Parliament can't do the job, why does newbie Jati, which can't even pass a single law, think it can do better to protect the Muslims, the Malays and the Rulers!
Frankly, UMNO, Perkasa and Jati seem more content in claiming that everyone is an enemy to Malays, yet to date have done little to elevate the current state of the Malays.
And in defending the Rulers, will Jati reprimand UMNO for their role in demeaning the royals to boost the BN’s strangle hold on the federal government? In a constitutional monarchy, as practice din Malaysia, the royals are governed by the Federal Constitution. Will Jati now challenge the Federal Constitution, if it feels that the Federal Constitution has insulted and lowered the authority of the royals?
If Jati does, this would be a comedy of sorts, since it was UMNO which effectively short-changed the royals by amending the Federal Constitution in order to cow them into submission. So how would the likes of Jati further protect the Rulers? And what about the states which do not have Sultans? Will they be accorded the same measure of attention by Jati? Who will protect the Muslims and the Malays in these states then?
Desperately-seeking attention Hasan Ali
It is safe to say that Jati and all their bed fellows are merely start-ups seeking to gain a measure of attention from UMNO. They would shamelessly sell their ideals in order to gain some measure of endorsement from UMNO, much like Perkasa when First Lady Rosmah Mansor attended their fund-raising dinner. These groups are so concerned with the outwardly and superficial, such as the banning of Erykah Badu's concert, but are silent as a mouse at Rosmah's insistence on not wearing a 'tudung' or veil to cover her 'modesty' - which is a must for the conservative Muslims.
It sure looks like Jati is seeking endorsement from UMNO and an endorsement for Jati is an endorsement for Hasan Ali and his continual aspiration to replace Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor’s Mentri Besar.
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