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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NFC: Cows, condos and now supermarkets! What will the Singaporeans think!

NFC: Cows, condos and now supermarkets! What will the S'poreans think!
In today's unfettered world of cyberspace and social media, there are so many things to read and comment on. The only difference is whether we write and comment intelligently and not get too personal or to rebut too sensationally.
There are also those 'spoilers' who like to use reams of electronic space, which while free is still a waste, to impose their views on other readers. Those of you who spam grandiose-sounding but basically stupid comments into articles that are not your cup of tea should know who you are. In fact, there are many such trolls who frequent Malaysia Chronicle.
An overdone roasting by our own press, whatever their motive
But anyway, back to the main matter, which is the headline fronted by the Malay Mail and I quote, S'PORE SUPERMART 'INVESTMENT' POSER, etc, etc. We hear from the paper a furiously-worded one-sided presentation of the whole episode, which is basically the slew of new NFC allegations made by the two young PKR leaders, Rafizi Ramli and Zuraida Kamaruddin, while DAP and PAS sing in the chorus to add to the volume.
NFC directors, as usual, insist that their 'sideline business' does not constitute abuse but is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the RM250 million loan granted for the 'cow project'. To them, it is the frustrated people in the opposition who are accusing them of the "cows and condos" scandal to the extent that they are now accused of being in the "supermarket and restaurant business" in of all places, Singapore. Sigh, how the kiasu Singaporeans must be laughing at us!
I am wondering about the veracity of all this speculation from the 'brilliant' members of our opposition. But if it is true what's next? Not only do the people need to know the truth, but the government also needs to get to the bottom of such unbelievable and extensive abuse of corporate governance.
What are our next steps? Do we need a "White Paper" on this issue, like the one made famous by Uncle Lim Kit Siang? Will the Pakatan Rakyat next demand for another Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the matter, and will there henceforth be endless Commissions without focus or actions!
So much trouble when we already are so troubled by the global economic scenario. But can we close both eyes and not do anything? Can Prime Minister Najib Razak afford not to act on the NFC and the Shahrizats?
Not everything has to be a conspiracy, not all cases are intentionally delayed
I bear no malice against the Shahrizat family as I do not have any vested interest. I am just an ordinary blogger who cares and thinks fit to comment on such fantastic reports, which must be tracked down and be either proven or debunked.
At 69 years of age, I am just like Tan Sri Yuen, the former Special Branch chief. We are fed-up by the negative politicking and all that is going on this country since the dismissal of Anwar Ibrahim in 1998. Whether you agree he was guilty or not, the sacking harmed many innocent people and divided country.
But my point is, let the police complete their investigation and I urge the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to do their homework as well.Then, it is the responsibility of the Attorney-General to apply the relevant law, either to charge the NFC directors or to dismiss them without calling for their defense.
Sometimes, I do wonder whether the A-G's Chambers is short-handed and lacking in experienced officers with integrity and prudence. There are so many criminal cases piling up and they have to decide on the merits of each case, including those raised by the opposition members.
For example, can anyone count how many legal cases Anwar alone has raised, whether these were justifiable, true or malicious in nature? Sorry brother Anwar, I just wanted to raise a point in passing, relating to Gani Patail's dilemma. Not everything has to be a conspiracy, not all cases are intentionally delayed.
A case like the Shahrizats' is so huge, Malaysians can be sure the PM would want to have it resolved as quickly as possible and not have it dragged through mud like now, when our integrity has become an open target for our neighbors across the Johor Causeway.
I wonder when the Farmrhouse Supermarket is opened for business in the Rochester Mall, will the Singaporeans who shop there think to themselves when they queue up to pay, "Oh this is the one that is owned by the Malaysian cow and condo minister's family. I hear they are fabulously rich and brought over a lot of money to spend here.".
For Malaysia's sake, I pray not.

Datuk Mustapha Ong is an active commentator, a retired diplomat and an Umno supporter. He contributes articles to Malaysia Chronicle now and then.

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