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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's all slander, says mum in Badrulamin 'khalwat' case

The 28-year-old woman caught for allegedly committed ‘khalwat’ or close proximity with PKR leader Badrulamin Baharon at a hotel in Kuantan, vehemently denied the accusation, claiming that it was a total slander.

In an exclusive interview with Malay daily Sinar Harian published today, the mother of a child, who requested anonymity, recounted the incident which happened in the early morning on Saturday.

“Slander! I did not commit khalwat, I did not do it!”

“I was not in the same room with ustaz (Bahdrulamin). People who defamed me have ill intentions. Irresponsible!

“I was outside the hotel room, not together with ustaz in a room as claimed by the accusation.

“However, because of this malicious action, ustaz was confined and assaulted in his room,” said the employee of Rompin community college.
NONE“I went to see ustaz Badrulamin (right) with the purpose of running away from my husband, together with my two-year-old child. I was worried that our safety was being threatened.

“I have tried my best to put in an effort (into the marriage) and can’t bear all this burden any more.

“I have been close to ustaz and his wife since I went along with their Hajj delegation on May 1 last year and we’ve often been in touch with each other.

Ustaz has also visited here (Rompin) and I know his wife well and his wife has advised me to be strong in weathering this defamation case.

“I regret the attitude of some who have accused me without giving me any chance to defend myself when the fact is the case has yet to be decided by the court.

“I an even more disappointed because there are people who have defamed me by putting up fake photos of me, the face that is seen on the Internet is not me,” she was quoted as saying.

Divorce sought

Yesterday, she had presented herself before Judge Abu Kasim Pilus of the Syariah Court for the mention of her divorce case.

She had been at the Rompin Syariah Court since 9am yesterday to file for a divorce against her husband.

“I’m determined to divorce as all efforts to solve my family’s problems have failed.

“It is the best solution, to ensure the safety and future of my children and me,” she was quoted as saying.

However, according to the daily, she declined to elaborate over the cause of the divorce and asked that it be heard out when the case goes to court.

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