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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More bite for MACC - another electoral bribe

YOURSAY 'How ironical, or perhaps typical, that in suggesting some anti-corruption measure, Najib is actually offering bribes to voters.'

PM: More bite for MACC, only if BN gets two-thirds

your saySwkdayaks: This is the most stupid idea from a PM. If Najib Razak really wants to introduce or amend the law to provide more bite to the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), he can just introduce a bill in Parliament and definitely the Pakatan Rakyat parties would fully support it.

There is no necessity to wait for the 13th General Election or a two-thirds victory for BN. That shows Najib is desperately politiking, hoping to win votes for himself and Umno.

Even now, the anti-corruption laws are sufficient to investigate, charge, prosecute and convict the corrupt - for example, Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud where reports have been lodged against him for alleged corruption.

But MACC is not taking action because Taib is Najib's sleeping partner in BN.

So whatever laws we have, it means nothing so long as Najib, Umno and BN is in power. They will only use the law selectively against their political opponents.

Multi Racial: Najib's latest offer tells us how corrupted his administration is. In the first place, he is bluntly telling us that MACC is under his thumb. It is up to him whether he wants to give them more independent or not.

No wonder the half-a-billion ringgit kickbacks involving Perimekar was completely ignored by MACC.

Secondly, he is bribing Malaysians into voting BN with the offer of an independent MACC. Well, wouldn't it be easier for us to vote Pakatan into power and push them to reform, not just the MACC but also police, judiciary, Attorney-General's Chambers, Election Commission and many others.

We want total reform and not one at a time. It is not up to the PM to decide whether MACC is to be independent or not. The PM and his office should not, and cannot, interfere with MACC.

Democrat 53: Only in Malaysia the ruling party can bribe their way blatantly to win an election. The RM500 to low-income households, and prior to that, RM100 to school children - all public funds given out to win votes for Umno-BN.

We hope the public are not going to be fooled by Najib. What is the point of MACC having full powers when they will be led by another Umno-loving civil servant and there will be an AG who will be given the powers to prevent any successful prosecution.

So please do not believe this ever lying PM and his cousin.

Vijay47: Najib, or for that matter any Umno leader, is not known for blessing us with pearls of wisdom. His latest public statement must go into the annals of the nation for its sheer defiance of logic and intelligence.

How ironical, or perhaps typical, that in suggesting some anti-corruption measure, Najib is actually offering bribes to voters.

Two other points stand out - if indeed the government comes out with a proposal that is just and effective, it need not wait for the elections, do it tomorrow.

Najib can be assured that the opposition will fully support it. But it has to be a bill not along the lines of that shameful Public Assembly Act.

He seems to suggest that no fresh anti-corruption law will be forthcoming anytime soon and even if BN wins the next elections, only if they secure a two-thirds majority.

Secondly, he promises to open the bill to public scrutiny. Since that is most welcome, why does he not do it with other bills also?

Hmmmmmm: The chances of MACC being given more bite is zero as long as BN is in power.

Can any sane person imagine BN giving full powers to MACC to investigate themselves and send themselves to jail or even the gallows?

Free & Fair Election: Clearly Najib admits the flaw in Malaysia's government. MACC cannot operate independently as Pak Lah (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) would want it to. The judiciary and police also cannot act independently as we have witnessed ourselves.

So Najib, you agree to the flaws within the government, and for this we the rakyat need you no more. Time for change - anything but Umno.

Pemerhati: Malaysia under Dr Mahathir Mohamad was already a dictatorship and continues to be one up to this day under Najib.

Dictators and their close friends can steal billions while the MACC does absolutely nothing. Any new anti-corruption agency will be beholden to the dictator and thus just as ineffective.

They can commit crimes such as murder (e.g. Altantuya Shaariibuu) and rape under-aged girls (e.g. the Malay girl in Malacca and the Penan girls in Sarawak) without being brought to book.

The dictators allow the citizens to make a little bit of noise but if they make them angry or feel threatened by them, then they will put them in prison using cooked-up charges and the kangaroo courts (e.g. Penang CM Lim Guan Eng and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim).

The enforcement agencies can murder anyone with impunity and cover up their crimes with Teoh Beng Hock and A Kugan type of farcical inquests. Things can only change for the better in Malaysia if Pakatan Rakyat replaces BN.

Raven Lord: Some people believe that they can do whatever they want with other people's money. The NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) management is a good example of a corrupt and uncontrolled leadership and they do not show any shame whatsoever for their wrongdoings.

The government is not able to make up its mind on what to do with this case, but we can show the government that we can make up our mind by voting for the opposition.

Ong Guan Sin: Reading this sweet promise of Najib only makes me angry. He's effectively telling Malaysia: it takes two-thirds majority to fight corruption.

No, anybody with integrity and right mind will fight corruption. Umno-BN has had two-thirds majority for decades and they used that to breed and protect corruption, not the reverse.

To ask for more power as a precondition to fight corruption is ridiculous, more so for the government of the day. Najib is indirectly admitting incompetence or/and lack of political will to fight corruption. Malaysians should know what to do with Umno-BN.

Anonymous: This should be read as Najib is in agreement that MACC is never an independent body. At least he is not lying on this point. - Malaysiakini

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