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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PAS' Phahrolrazi: I have problems with Kedah MB

Kedah PAS deputy commissioner I Phahrolrazi Zawawi broke his silence today and said he declined his state executive councillor post because of ongoing friction with Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak.
NONEPhahrolrazi (right) told a press conference at his Alor Setar home that it was his personal wish not to be reappointed to the state exco member post for another term due to his disagreement with Azizan’s leadership style.
He said that when one is not able to agree with one’s boss in an administration, it would only be normal and right to resign and give another person a chance at the job.
He added that the MB had a right to appoint a team of his choice, or decide not to reappoint a certain person, and he, Phahrolrazi, as an individual had the right to decline the position.
Downplaying the seriousness of the friction, Phahrolrazi said it was only normal for individuals or leaders to disagree on certain matters.
“I do not know how this became such a big issue. Even my official letter to the MB to state my intention (to decline reappointment as state exco member) became fodder for speculation. It became so perhaps because I was the MB’s right hand man,” he added.
“Of course there are reasons for my actions. We all have, we are not robots,” he quipped.
The Pengkalan Kundur assemblyperson also said several state exco members were of the same view as him and had planned to decline reappointment.
He denied that his differences of opinion with Azizan had anything to do with conflicting views of the professionals and ulama in PAS Kedah.
This was because, he added, both he and Azizan come from the ulama group.
Phahrolrazi said he had referred his situation to the ulama (Islamic scholars) as they were always a point of reference when one wishes to seek clarity on various issues.
He added they had agreed with him after hearing his explanation, and proceeded to support him in his move to leave his state government post.
He told the reporters that he was holding the press conference after much speculation had arisen in the media over his decision not to accept the reappointment.
He said he was uncontactable as he was on extended leave - from the second week of February until the end of March, while his one-year tenure as state exco member ends this March 7.
Leave, if you have a problem with your boss
However, Phahrolrazi refused to divulge the differences he had with Azizan, saying only that it was related to the administration of the state.
He said his problems with Azizan was an internal party matter and should not be publicly discussed.
He added he had tried to discuss these differences with Azizan but both failed to reach a resolution after many meetings and discussions.
“Ethically, in an administration, one should agree with his leader, and when one cannot do that, it is time to let go. Give your boss a chance to find someone else who can do the job,” he said.
“When you feel that your presence will only be a problem to your boss, it is only right that you should leave.”
Phahrolrozi said another former state exco member who did not seek reappointment, Ismail Salleh, shared his views.
“After four years, we are able to evaluate how effective our administration has been. It is only normal to have differences of opinions, it is not something extraordinary,” he added.
Nevertheless, Phahrolrazi will still reconsider his decision if the top leaders of PAS were to insist that he takes up the state exco member post.
“I will consider returning to the job, but I will tell them about my conditions,” he said.
NONEAsked what his conditions were, he replied this was a secret and would be made known to the PAS central leadership soon.
Phahrolrozi’s statement came following Azizan’s (left) appointment of eight state exco members instead of 10 at today’s swearing in ceremony at the Kedah palace.
In doing so, Azizan defied the expressed wish of the PAS central committee that he appoint 10 persons, including Phahrolrozi and Ismail.
However, Azizan said the comment made by the PAS secretary-general on the matter was perhaps “his own personal view”.
Since last week, the media has been abuzz with news of a fallout between Azizan and his two deputies.
Meanwhile,  Phahrolrozi dismissed allegations that he wanted Azizan to vacate his post so that he could become menteri besar.
“This question does not arise. If I wanted to be MB, why should I reject the state exco member post? I should remain in the state government,” he said.
When asked if he was risking his political future due to his decision to vacate his government post, Phahrolrazi said such “secular” thinking does not exist in Islam.
“We do not ask for promotion or position. If given to us, we are thankful, if not, we will accept it.”

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