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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tengku Mahkota Pahang to step into khalwat case?

PKR leader Badrulamin Bahron made his first public appearance last night after being accused of committing khalwat at a hotel in Balok, Kuantan on Sunday.

At a ceramah organised by PAS in Ampangan, Seremban and attended by some 500 PAS and PKR supporters, Badrulamin got the crowd cheering loudly as he spoke of the possibility of the Pahang crown prince Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah intervening in the matter.

NONEBadrulamin (right) arrived at the location about 10.30 last night and mingled with the crowd before going for a quick dinner at a nearby restaurant with his wife.

He was accompanied by his wife to the ceramah.

Badrulamin, who is communications director at the office of the Selangor menteri besar, said:

"The accusation against me has been given attention by Tengku Abdullah, who knows me personally. I have been invited to his functions before, to deliver speeches.

"Today (Monday), he directed his right-hand man to meet me to get my version of the incident and to discuss the matter with my lawyer.

"The picture that was given to me is that there is a high possibility of the Tengku Mahkota intervening in this case to stop the slander and dirty works of Umno, which never stops using the tools of slander to attack, attack and attack," said Badrulamin.

NONEHe also made another interesting claim before the non-stop cheering crowd that kept his morale high whenever he made his "punch" points.

"On my trip to Kuala Lumpur in a mood of happiness, after all the positive developments, I received a report from my personal aide six men approached him (yesterday afternoon) and in a threatening tone asked him to cooperate with them.
'Great reward promised for cooperation'

"If he (the aide) works with them, they said, he would be greatly rewarded. He asked what kind of cooperation. The reply: possibilities of the Anwar Ibrahim episode repeating.

"They offered him the reward if he was willing to be a witness to'burukkan saya' (run me down) and accused me of many wrongdoings. This is their modus operandi.

"But my aide is strong enough and resisted all their offers. He told me everything. Tomorrow (today), we will lodge a police report on this matter.

"Is it is not possible, and there will be a lot of possibilities, of certain people coming to tell you that I have done this and that to them?

"I believe they will continue to do this, just like what they did to Anwar, until the next general election is called."

Earlier, Badrulamin told the crowd that he had given his fullest cooperation to the Pahang Islamic Religious Department (JAIP) yesterday afternoon.

There were no contradictions in both his and the woman's statements, he said, and that the officers who interviewed him agreed that they had not been together when the officers arrived at the scene.

"With this, the statement of the deputy director of JAIP, Mohd Ghazali Abdul Aziz ,that we were together does not stand.

"I can't reveal more than this, as advised by my lawyers, so that the investigations and our preparations, if JAIP proceeds with the case in court, are not jeopardised," Badrulamin added.

The PAS-organised ceramah in Ampangan was supposed to be attended by Kuala Krai MP Dr Hatta Ramli as well, but he is still abroad, and this led to the Ampangan PAS chief Hassan Taha calling Badrulamin, whom he described as a close friend, to stand in.

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